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Paris, TX

Sighted on Saturday 12. October 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: Less than 5 minutes

Close encounter in Paris, TXI was driving along South 271, and I was driving about 80 MPH. I live in Mount Pleasant, TX and I was driving back from visiting my realtives in Sallisaw, Ok.As I was driving on South 271 right outside of Paris, TX I saw some lights which at the time I thought was a plane, because an airport was nearby. As I kept driving the light was getting lower, and I thought it was a plane about to crash, but as I was slowing down my vehicle I noticed that the aircraft slowed down at the same pace as my vehicle. I made a complete stop on the shoulder of the road, and as I did the aircraft came to a complete stop. It was hovering over the Sandy Creek Cafe, and it was less than 15 yards from me.Luckily I had my camera because I'd been taking pictures of my relatives while I was in Oklahoma. The craft hovered over the Sandy Creek cafe for less than 5 minutes, it took off as I started taking pictures. The aircraft made a very low-tone humming sound, and I was able to make out its shape due to its lights. It was triangular because it had three lights on the craft, one for each end of the three sides. There was one light that flashed between blue and white, and the others were white.---The pictures I took of the craft weren't very good. It was all black except for the lights.---I also filed a report at the police station, and spoke to an officer who has had a similar experience.--Also, my cellular phone has never worked the same since.

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