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Bragg City (Peach Orchard), MO

Sighted on Wednesday 18. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: 10 minutes

Flying Saucer near Peach Orchard GinMy brother in law found your website and told me to report what we saw on september 18, 2002. I had jst dropped off a Module of cotton at Peach Orchard and was headed on EE going east and was rounding the turn going south on A. coming right at us was a "silvery spot" thazt got larger an was a silvery disk it must have been going in a North by north west durection at I guess 200 mile an hour at least. It was about 100 ft up off gropund amd was about 50-100 ft in diamter. We pulled over and watched it slowed down and looked like it went west but was goin real slow then it took off about 10 minutes it seemed like it was searching for something near the ditch. It was moving around the dirtch for about 8-9 mintes then it took like ti disappered. I remeber theis casue I been getting my Gin checks an my brother in law is a book keeper who saw trhe same dammned tjhoing from his place south of Gideon. My Brother in law said it interferred wit his two way radio had static for 10 minutes we noticed it making static on our two way this thing scred like hel out me and my brother in law. I did not believe in fly sawsuers until I sae this happend and now I believe there is somethin out there. I am a vietnam vet an am erican farmer I don own alot but I am produ of what I got and lord know I an thankful for what I see an learnt every day. This day hass to be one ai am never forgetting cawse lord only knows wat it was we saw. I am not a kook or nut case.((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))

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