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Burna, KY

Sighted on Friday 07. February 2003
Reported on
Shape: Fireball | Duration: 2 minutes

orange fireball seen as child now as adult with friends witnessingmy wife e-mailed me a web page she ran across about a sighting that was reported 1/20/00 and posted 1/22/00 location burna ky. i am a resident of eastern ky i was born oct. 1960 raised in gary ind. till 1968 when we moved to burna ky.was raised in burna ky, untill i moved to eastern ky floyd county to go to school, got married ect.. as a child i remember 3 or more (defently 3 that i really remember well) occasions growing up that i was out at night in the summer in our back field and for what had to be hours i would watch a bright round yellow to redish yellow ball floating or hovering silently over the neighbors corn field, first off there were no street lights, burna ky is about as country as you can get! and the object would move slowly side to side up and down for a distance of 20 to 40 feet and than it would go off. a few minutes later it would come on again and start scanning the field again in a new location. after it was done it would go up in the air a long ways than shoot off toward the river, toward 3 rivers rock quary and disapear.it never made any sounds. i did notice that during these events it was pure silent, no frogs, cricketts, nothing making any sounds. some times there were cattle in the field but most of the time it was a corn field. as for the report i filled in at the top of the page happened this past summer while on vacation visiting my mom and sisters who still live on the family farm in burna, ky. my child hood friend r.s. (who is a retired naval officer) and his two brothers, my brother in law and i went out to the cumberland river to fish all night. about 3:00 am i looked to the left (up river) and saw a bright light in the sky, i said hey! whats that! everyone looked and said WOW or AHH. we watched it hover over the river tnan raise up and GROW BIGGER it got really bright and REALLY BIG! and lit up the whole area we were at, which was pitch dark except for a coleman lantern we had behind us on the bank. it was bright yellow to redish yellow and very very bright than it jus! t went o ut like you turned off a light. it made no sound. we all were amazed at what we saw.i have never been afraid to tell people of what i have seen growing up, and now i have 4 people who seen the same thing in the air over the river that i had seen as a child in the neighbors field this is the first time i have ever posted it on any web site, i just never thought about doing it. i glad im not the only burna ky native who has seen this thing((NUFORC Note: We are uncertain of the date here. This is one of two reports from the same source. We will attempt to confirm the date with the source, and amend it in the future. PD))

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