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Mountain View, AR

Sighted on Thursday 16. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: not really sure

Bright white lights, numerous ones, like stars that shot across the sky from west to east in the evening.Nieghbor came and told me to come out and look at the sky. Above us were numerous white lights and not stars. Stars don't move as fast as these were moving. I believe they were going, I think, east to west. We were not the only ones to see this group of lights. People on the other side of our county did too and notified my neighbor and that is how we seen it. Some lights were bright white and some more a duller white like up higher in the sky. At first I thought they were stars but stars don't move from east to west at any rate of speed that can be seen in a short span of time and actually followed.

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Harrison, Arkansas (United States) 2020-01-13 Other 00:00:00
Cabot, Arkansas (United States) 2019-09-22 Unknown 00:20:00
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Romance, Arkansas (United States) 2018-12-23 Circle 00:00:05
Arkansas (United States) 2018-09-07 Dumbbell
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Mt. View, AR (United States) 2017-12-13 vee approx 20 seconds
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Shirley, Arkansas (United States) 2017-10-23 Sphere 00:35:07
Arkansas (United States) 2017-08-18 Bullet, Missile
Melbourne, AR (United States) 2017-07-02 long with dome 5 mins.
Conway, Arkansas (United States) 2017-06-14 Sphere 00:14:00
West Plains, Missouri (United States) 2017-04-11 Bullet, Missile 00:00:01
Conway, AR 2017-04-01 Light 2 minutes
McRae, AR 2017-03-21 Light 2 minutes
Greenbrier, Arkansas (United States) 2017-03-19 Sphere 00:06:00
Conway, Arkansas (United States) 2017-03-02 Fireball 00:01:00
Arkansas (United States) 2017-02-15 Sphere 00:05:00
Arkansas (United States) 2017-01-31 Triangle 00:02:00
Conway, AR 2016-12-19 Chevron Hours
Marshall, Arkansas (United States) 2016-11-18 Disc 00:00:30
St. Joe (SW of), AR 2016-10-20 Light ~30-60 seconds
Harrison, AR 2016-10-08 Circle 15 minutes
Arkansas (United States) 2016-09-27 Star-like 00:00:03
Newport, AR 2016-09-27 Light 5 seconds
Conway, AR 2016-09-20 Sphere 2 hours
Arkansas (United States) 2016-09-16 Sphere 00:10:00
Harrison, AR 2016-09-06 Light 2 days in row
Thayer, Missouri (United States) 2016-08-12 Fireball 00:02:00
Mountain Home, AR 2016-08-01 Rectangle 30 seconds
Harrison, Arkansas (United States) 2016-05-31 Oval 00:10:00
Conway, AR 2016-03-06 Light 15 minutes
Gainesville, MO 2016-02-26 Cylinder 5-8 seconds
Gainesville, MO 2016-02-19 Triangle 5 minutes
Pangburn, AR 2016-02-16 Flash 1 minute
Conway, AR 2016-01-13 Light 5
Mountain Home, Arkansas (United States) 2016-01-12 Star-like Undisclosed
West Plains, Missouri (United States) 2015-12-15 Disc 00:01:00
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-12-03 Triangle Undisclosed
Cabot, Arkansas (United States) 2015-12-02 Triangle Undisclosed
Gassville, Arkansas (United States) 2015-11-02 Star-like Undisclosed
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-11-02 Triangle 00:10:00
Midway, AR 2015-11-02 Light
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-10-29 Cylinder 00:10:09
Gainesville, MO 2015-10-29 Cylinder 5 seconds
Gainesville, MO 2015-10-22 Unknown 21:00
Gainesville, MO 2015-10-12 Triangle 19:00
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-10-10 Triangle Undisclosed
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-10-02 Star-like Undisclosed
Evening Shade, Arkansas (United States) 2015-09-25 Other 12:59:59
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-09-16 Boomerang 00:05:10
Gainesville, MO 2015-09-16 Triangle 21:00
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-09-11 Star-like 07:30:05
Undisclosed, Arkansas (United States) 2015-08-19 Cylinder Undisclosed
Cherokee Village, Arkansas (United States) 2015-08-12 Sphere Undisclosed
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2015-08-01 Star-like Undisclosed
Leslie, AR 2015-07-27 Light 15 seconds
Conway, Arkansas (United States) 2015-07-21 Other 00:00:25
Mountain Home, Arkansas (United States) 2015-07-18 Star-like Undisclosed
Greenbrier, AR 2015-07-16 Circle ~10 minutes
Greenbrier, Arkansas (United States) 2015-07-04 Sphere Undisclosed
Conway, Arkansas (United States) 2015-07-04 Circle Undisclosed
Oxley, AR (United States) 2015-06-30 Little or big, i see both. 12-01-2014 to now
Hardy, Arkansas (United States) 2015-06-21 Other Undisclosed
Leslie, Arkansas (United States) 2015-06-20 Disc Undisclosed
West Plains, Missouri (United States) 2015-06-10 Unidentifiable 2 minutes
Flippin, Arkansas (United States) 2015-06-08 Sphere Undisclosed
Undisclosed, Arkansas (United States) 2015-04-21 Circle Undisclosed
Greenbrier, Arkansas (United States) 2015-03-28 Disc Undisclosed
Conway, AR 2015-03-11 Rectangle ~5 minutes
Cabot, AR 2015-01-24 Disk 1 minute
Black Rock, Arkansas (United States) 2014-12-25 Unknown 01:12:00
Heber Springs, AR 2014-11-25 Light 5 minutes
Greenbrier, AR 2014-11-01 Circle 1 minute
Morrilton, Arkansas (United States) 2014-10-25 Circle Undisclosed
Dennard, Arkansas (United States) 2014-08-26 Star-like Undisclosed
Gainesville, Missouri (United States) 2014-08-20 Unknown 00:04:00
Gainesville, MO 2014-08-20 Light
Ravenden Springs, Arkansas (United States) 2014-08-15 Star-like Undisclosed
Ft. Smith (60 mi. N of)(in-flight), AR 2014-07-12 Light 5 seconds
Ft. Smith (60 mi. N of)(in-flight), AR 2014-07-12 Light 5 seconds
Gassville, AR 2014-07-10 Circle
Gassville, AR 2014-07-10 Circle
Jasper, AR 2014-07-08 Formation 45 minutes
Jasper, AR 2014-07-08 Formation 45 minutes
Judsonia, AR 2014-07-04 Cylinder 10 minutes
Judsonia, AR 2014-07-04 Cylinder 10 minutes
Gainesville MO, Arkansas (United States) 2014-05-29 Sphere 00:03:00
Mountain Home, AR 2014-05-01 Unknown ongoing at this time
Batesville, Arkansas (United States) 2014-04-04 Cylinder Undisclosed
West Fork (I-540; MM32), AR 2014-03-16 Unknown ~3-5 seconds
Undisclosed, Arkansas (United States) 2014-01-30 Triangle Undisclosed
Beebe, AR 2014-01-24 Triangle 15 minutes
Pleasant Grove, AR 2014-01-15 Disk 10-15 seconds
Avilla, Arkansas (United States) 2013-12-26 Triangle Undisclosed
Hector, Arkansas (United States) 2013-12-15 Oval Undisclosed
Gassville, AR 2013-11-07 Light 2+ hours