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Eden/San Angelo (Between), TX

Sighted on Monday 13. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: Sighting lasted about two

Oval-shaped craft with no lights and no noise seen in West TexasI was driving to get back to school in San Angelo via U.S. 87 N, and had just passed the town of Eden, Texas. Being out in the country, the only lights there were were my headlights and mere lights in distant parts of the country that provided no real light on the road, simply dots amongst the horizon.I had never driven this road at night before out of fear that I would hit a deer, but left Houston (my hometown) from Christmas break a little later in the day. So, I was driving with my body leaned forward, slumped over the wheel, watching the road intensely for any deer or other "wildlife" on the side of the road. Suddenly, around 7 pm Central time (19:00 hrs), I saw this silver, metallic oval hovering above the road. I do not remember seeing any lights on the craft, but I did observing what seemed to be a two-part craft with a small part in between the two parts (see diagram). And then, I drove right under the craft, and I remember looking up, seeing this craft disappear from the view provided from my windshield. The craft appeared to be the same width as my truck (a little over three feet). I am not sure whether the craft simply hovered as I drove underneath it, but I do remember thinking about how close it was to my vehicle -- appearing to be a few feet above my truck when I passed it.I tried to look in my rear-view and side windows, but, it was so dark out there that I couldn't see anything when I looked back. I drove back to San Angelo and wrote everything down. I believe in the possibility of UFOs, but I have been hesitant to report this because I wouldn't normally do anything like this. But, I do believe that I saw what I saw. I do have 20/20 vision and my windshield was clean from all obstructions and smears/dirt. I do not suffer from any mental or physical disorders. I work for a student newspaper back at my university, and have been trained to detail and observe events, which I think has helped in this report. At any rate, that is my story.((FOLLOW-UP #1 FROM WITNESS))Mr.Davenport, Thank you for your response. To answer your questions, the trip usually takes seven hours from Houston to San Angelo, and my arrival to San Angelo 30 minutes after the event took place put my in town at about seven hours.However, it is funny you should mention the operation of the truck after the event, because when I got back into town, several days later, the alternator went out on me suddenly. The alternator was changed out over the holiday, so, the job was less than a month old. The new battery I had put in overthe holiday was also totally "un-charged" and I had to get a new one. I check to make sure I didn't leave any lights on or what have you, but I did think it was strange that my vehicle began having some problems.I did not experience any flashbacks however, but emotionally, I was a little tense at the moment I saw the object and for a few minutes shortly after, only because I can tell you that my overactive imagination and viewing of one too many sci-fi movies sort of scared me into thinking I might beabducted out there in the dark countryside and no one would ever know.But, this isn't the first time I have experienced a UFO before. My grandparents have a beach house in Galveston, Texas, and some nights during the spring and summer when I am there, I get on the roof of the beach house and peer into space, just looking. On one occasion, I saw three triangular shaped space craft, grey-silver in appearance, flying in a triangular pattern maybe 30 feet above me. They had faint white lights on them, but were totally silent. Then, a second time, I saw another triangle-shaped craft that had brighter white lights on it. I had taken a police flashlight that my Dad has in his boat and was pointing it into the great dark sky, and soon after, I noticed the craft zoom around in the distance and just disappear.I really don't have any accurate dates on these, but, they were quite a sight.I hope I have been able to help.((END #1))((FOLLOW-UP #2))Mr.Davenport,I was absolutly certain that there was no reflection, and I give you permission to include the followup message with the report. Thank you for taking the time to investigate my case -- I really appreciate it.((END #2))

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