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Huntsville, AL

Sighted on Tuesday 21. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Disk | Duration: unknown

((NUFORC Note: We generally do not include her accounts of dreams. However, because of the background of the witness in this case, we make an exception. This is one of two high-quality reports submitted by the same source. PD)) Connection between my vivid dream and reported sighting of crescent-shaped ufo over Huntsville, AL?Seeing a June 2003 report of a crescent-shaped ufo over Byrd Spring Lake in Huntsville, AL (~3 miles from my home), and not knowing the details of the second sighting of the crescent-shaped object, prompted me to submit the following diary entry I wrote with respect to a "dream" I had in January 2003. It took me weeks to stop thinking about my dream and I still wonder about it even now. For the record, I am a 40 year old mechanical engineer with much NASA and DOD design experience, have an avid interest in aircraft and flying machines, am happily married with two children, and am mentally stable. I am very scientific in my approach to problems/solutions and take great care to apply my knowledge of engineering and science to the world around me. I do believe that we are not alone. I am submitting a sketch of the object seen in my "dream" via email. My rather lengthy diary entry is as follows: Just so I can remember later I will document a "dream" I had the other night. I can not say I actually observed what I will describe, but the vivid detail of the dream, the fact that I could remember so much of it, and a power outage that left both myself and my wife with an inexplicable "weird" feeling about the power outage that night makes me wonder if maybe it really happened. During the night of January 21, 2003 (morning of Jan 22), my wife and I were awoken by a strange beeping sound coming from somewhere in the room. This sound reminded me of the sound that our old answering machine would make to indicate the end of a message. The beep was periodic and would beep, then be silent, beep, silent, etc. I remember about three or four beeps. As I was becoming conscious, my wife said "what's that", and I said I don't know", to which she responded "the power's out". About that time there were no more beeps to my recollection. We both were very puzzled as to the nature of this power outage, for some unknown reason, and felt there was something odd about it. The baby monitor we've been using, has battery back-up on both the transmitter and receiver side should there be a power failure. A day or so later, I tested this feature by unplugging both the receiver and the transmitter power supplies and observing the result. The battery back-ups worked fine and there was no beeping. The monitor, nor any other device in the house of which I am aware, emits any sound when the power is off, or when the power cycles on and off. (At some point in this whole incident, I noted the time to be around 3:00 am, must be after the power came back on??) When I was aware enough of what was going on, I decided to get up to check on the kids and peek outside to see what was happening. I do not recall that I actually checked on either of the girls, but I do remember leaving our bedroom into the upstairs hall and looking out the front Palladian window. I noted that the street light was off and it seemed very dark outside. The lights in the valley were on, so it appeared to me that the outage was isolated to our street. At some point I remember that I realized the power came back on and that the street light was re-lighting. My wife may have said "it's back on", I don't know. I think I remember getting back into bed, and maybe that I used the bathroom, first (I can't be sure). Of itself, the previous seems ordinary, I admit. When I awoke in the morning, I recalled a "dream" or "dreamy event" in vivid detail and could not get it out of my head. This is very unusual for me since I normally can not remember 99.9% of my dreams no matter how hard I try. This is one of three dreams I can remember in any detail for the last 15 to 20 years or more. They all may be related. My memory of this "dreamy event", as I refer to it, is not complete, but I can remember many striking details. We have a north-westerly facing Palladian window, which is in our two story entrance foyer. When in the second floor hallway/balcony, one can look straight out the window. Otherwise, it is 14 to 20 feet above one's head, from the first floor. Although I can not remember exactly when in the night this happened, or time-wise, how it relates to the power outage, I remember looking out the Palladian window and observing a deep red light shinning down from above the window. The color of the light was not quite ruby red, it had a quality to it that hinted of a touch of purple/violet added to it, but not enough to move it very far from a pure red color. My oldest daughter has a lava lamp that gives off light of roughly the same hue. The light was diffuse in nature and seemed to emanate from a point above the house and possibly centered over the house. From the foyer and hallway, no source could be detected. There was also, what seemed like another light of exactly the same color that was flashing on and off with a steady period; it also seemed to emanate from the same unseen source. I remember walking down the stairs and looking up and out of the said window trying to determine the source of what I was seeing, but not being successful. I also looked out the library window, to the north, and observed the same lights illuminating the trees outside that window. Something led me to believe that I could get a better look if I went out the back door to look up. The angle of the light, perhaps told me its source was closer to the backyard than the front. The next thing I recall was standing on the sidewalk to the back porch with my gaze turned toward the house, and up toward a point over our master bedroom. I was in awe of the sight before me. Hovering over our house was a very large disk-shaped craft. I thought several things to myself at that instant. "I've got to remember what this thing looks like", "I wish my wife was here to see this", and "for it being in the 20's outside, I don't feel cold, in fact I'm very comfortable". My recollection of the technical details of what I was seeing at the time are more sketchy than I would like, however, here is what I can recall. I would estimate its diameter to be approximately 30 feet, based on a quick mental comparison to the house directly below it. The disc was hovering, completely motionless, maybe 20 feet to 40 feet over the house. On its "belly" for lack of a better word, were what I recall as 6 lights arranged hexagonally with respect to one another, with a 7th light in the dead center of the craft. The centerline of the hexagonal pattern of lights was inboard of the outside edge of the craft by approximately 4 feet. The color of the 6 lights was the same red color I have already described, although at this point, none of them was flashing, they were steady and not extremely intense. I don't think I could look directly at any of them due to the nature and quality of the light they were emitting. I seem to think the light in the dead center was white. All the lights appeared to be the same diameter and looked as though they were fixed and non-moveable/non-aim able. I don't remember the diameter of each light, and can't remember if they took up a large portion of the available real estate on the craft's bottom, or only a small portion. I seem to remember them as relatively small in diameter. There may have been additional white lights, a sort of annular ring around each red light (I don’t know for sure). The contour of the bottom of the craft and its thickness escape me. I want to say it was very flat on the bottom and, at least, had a thin edge. The total height and top side were not able to be observed from my perspective. I made my observations in what seemed like only a second or two before the color of the lights changed; to what, I don't know, I want to say white. The craft lifted higher into the air and rotated 90 degrees, or so, counterclockwise and pitched upward 5 or 10 degrees. If I could have put a line on the disc pointing N NE, that line would have now rotated to the W NW. (direction of flight) As the craft performed its rotation and changed its pitch to a more skyward angle, I observed 2 additional structures. On top of the craft I could see a portion of a long, thin rectangular object oriented longitudinally, along the "direction of flight" (as described by my imaginary line, above) and positioned above and through the center of the craft, as if being lifted and supported by the disc. The rectangular object had a square cross section that I felt was in the neighborhood of 3' by 3' and a more broadened "tip" that gave the impression of it being a "cockpit". (Although I never felt it was a cockpit, that's just an easy way to describe its appearance). It was (based on the 3' cross section) about 6' long, by 5'wide, by 5' tall centered left and right, as well as up and down on the rectangle. The sides of the "cockpit" portion were flat and straight while "nose" was radiused and sloped both up to the top and down to the bottom surfaces with an angled portion (see sketch). Looking at the color and sheen of the material gave me the feeling that the structure was made of a charcoal-gray ceramic material. The finish was dull and lusterless, although very smooth and perfectly flat. The structure was one contiguous piece of material with no seams, windows, rivets, etc. It was perfect as though it was "grown" into that shape. The "cockpit" portion of the rectangular object was outboard of the disk enough that there was a good separation between it and the disk (4'???). The second structure I observed was at what could be described as the aft end of the assembly. This was crescent-shaped object, in the same plane as the disc, made of the same material as the rectangle. Top to bottom, the thickness was the same as the rectangle (3'???). The bottom surface was very flat and I could not see the top surface, but assumed it was equally flat. The crescent inside radius was offset aft (with respect to the direction of flight) of the disk by the same amount the "cockpit" shape was forward and its radius was equal to that of the disc plus offset. The outside radius of the crescent was such that it caused the crescent to look like a waxing or waning moon with a taper starting at 0 to a max width about equal to the offset between the crescent and disc (4'??). I did not note any attachment between the crescent and any other part of the assembly, it was just "there". I could not viualize the area between the disc and crescent as there was not enough light The crescent looked as though it could be slid toward the craft and cradle it. The chord length of the crescent looked to be the same as the diameter of the disc. The surfaces of both the inside and outside radii were both perfectly flat and seamless. The bottom surface of the crescent appeared to be in the same plane as the bottom of the disc. Based, again on comparison with the house, I estimated the total length of the assembly to be around 45 to 50 feet. These observations were made in only a second or two. As the disc rotated and pitched upward, the other structures only became visible as they apparently reflected some light. I remember wondering why I could see them, since it was the middle of the night, but just assumed streetlights were the light source. I also remember thinking "so that's how they do it" in relation to the dark rectangular and crescent structures and I knew for a fact that the disc was "driving" the whole assembly; the rectangle and crescent were there only for the ride. As the craft pitched up, I waved "goodbye" as if the occupants were good friends and it streaked off at amazing speed toward the West. There was a very slight high pitched sound that it made as it left, similar to that of the sonar ping from many popular war movies, except without the reverberation. The sound was pure, momentary, faint, and trailed off. The next thing I remember, it was morning. Later in the day I discussed the "weirdness" of the power outage with my wife and she agreed there was something odd about it, but what she did not know. I asked her if she had seen any lights that night and she answered that she thought it was the utility company. Later, the day after that, she had no recollection of seeing any lights. For a whole week following the "dream" the inside of my mouth was raw and dry and some of my molars hurt. (I assumed that eating cashews was likely the cause, but I continued to eat them and my mouth cleared up). A week later I spoke briefly to our neighbor, directly across the street, and asked her if anything odd had gone on with respect to the outage and she said that not everything had been without power and that one of her clocks was flashing 9:30 when she got up, and based on the time of the outage should have said 3:30, or so. A few days later I was speaking with another neighbor, two houses up the street, and she had mentioned that there had been a power outage (I verified with her that that was the same outage) and that their transformer had burned out, leaving them and three other houses without power for over 8 hours. The utility company attributed the transformer burn out to too much current draw on too small and old a transformer. There is no evidence to suggest that any of this happened, or could have happened. For all I know, it was just a vivid dream and concerned a subject about which I have an interest. I wanted to document what I remember because I still think about it over a week later. I NEVER remember my dreams. ******* PLEASE CONTACT ME ONLY VIA EMAIL, IF NECESSARY. Thanks

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