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Rotorua (New Zealand)

Sighted on Saturday 07. December 2002
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 10 seconds

Two silent lights flying low over lakeside cityIt was very calm and still. As I was walking along the street I saw a light moving fast across the sky out of the corner of my eye. Immediately I thought it was a shooting star because of its speed, however there was a low cloud cover over the city that night and there were two lights, not one. One was directly above the other and then they started weaving in and out of each others path. I knew then this was no shooting star as I knew this was no aircraft. There was no noise coming from the lights and they were too fast and could manouver unlike anything I have ever seen before. The lights were slightly yellow in colour and would have been about 5km away at less than 1km off the ground. I heard a caller on the radio a few days later describe seeing the exact same lights around the same time fly over in a town about 200km away heading in my direction. A friend of mine has told me he has seen the same lights a number of times over our region. He also told me that one time he and some friends were travelling from a nearby city at about 5:30am and stopped in a remote area when one of the passengers saw a light moving in the sky. They all got out of the car and saw hundreds of lights, like stars, in the night sky moving like they were alive. This was reported to the local newspaper and another woman in the city reported seeing these lights as well.

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