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Stockholm (Sweden)

Sighted on Tuesday 07. January 2003
Reported on
Shape: Formation | Duration: 20 min.

A chilly wind hit us from behind on a night with no wind at all.We were on our way home from a friend about 2.50am (I'm not sure) when we suddenly felt a strange cold wind from behind (which was strange because there was no wind that evening). Then we turned around and at first saw a triangular shaped craft, I couldn't believe my eyes because the shape couldn't be an animal I thought but a bit later I KNEW it wasn't an animal because there were three smaller crafts coming out of the big one. The smaller ones was shaped like small balls and were flashing in diffent colours. Then after a while the balls spread out at different directiones but the big one was still there. Then we biked home like there were fire in our backs. After a while one of us looked back, and then there was nothing in the sky at all. We were all chocked about the event that accoured that evening and now we have decided to wright to you people about this because there's no one who believes us.((NUFORC Note: Time and date are approximate. PD))

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Stockholm, Stockholm County (Kingdom of Sweden) 2000-12-25 Blimp, Boomerang, Bullet, Missile, Cigar, Cone, Chevron, Circle, Cross, Cylinder, Diamond, Disc, Egg, Fireball, Flash, Oval, Saturn-like, Sphere, Square, Rectagular, Star-like, Teardrop, Triangle, Other 12:59:59
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Sweden 1999-12-20
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Stockholm (Sweden) 1977-07-21 Sphere 5-7 min
Stockholm (Sweden) 1977-07-15 Sphere 10 min
Täby, Stockholms län (Sweden) 1974-12-31 Cigar 00:01:00
Täby, Stockholms län (Sweden) 1966-06-10 Disc 00:05:00
Västerås (Sweden), 1915-06-30 Sphere Ongoing