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Stockholm, Stockholm County (Kingdom of Sweden)

Sighted on Wednesday 31. December 2008
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Shape: Disc, Egg | Duration: 00:30:00

Looking to the west of my location I noticed 4 objects apear over the crest of a hill. They apeared one at a time at 7 minute intervals heading in an easterly direction.Each object came to a halt and then changed direction 90 degrees clockwise (from a westerly heading to a southerly heading). As each object aproached this point in the sky, it also stopped and changed direction 90 degrees. Each object then proceeded to slowly move in a southerly direction towards the station in Kallhall. When it was still above the skyline, it seemed to disapear. The 3 following objects then did exactly the same when they got to this point.Each object was identical and had a red glow with a slight yellow/orange tint. The light it was emitting was a static soft glow, it did not flash, pulse, or seem to increace/decrease in brightness. From my vantage point each object looked about the same size as a 6 wheel lorry, but was spherical or eggshaped. I could not see any outline of the object as the light that was emitted was a soft glow.Over the 30 minute duration of my seeing these objects in the sky, their speed changed vastly from very slow to extremly fast. I could not hear any noise coming from the direction of the object.

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