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Fredericton (Canada), NB

Sighted on Sunday 15. September 2002
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: 3 minutes

low, noiseless hovering object - shape indistinct.About a week before this sighting occurred, I had witnessed a very bright shooting star which later I found out was the re-entry of part of a Russian spacecraft that was visible to most North Americans and had been witnessed by many. For this reason, I was paying more attention to the night sky than I usually did. I was walking toward my house at the top of a hill. On the sidewalk, I was facing up the hill. There is a large bridge that crosses the river to my left and a graveyard on my right. I had just cleared the bridge when in my peripheral vision I thought I saw something in the sky. I turned my head and expected there to be nothing there, but I was surprised to see that there was something. It was an unlit, noiseless hovering object that was floating slowly toward me. There were no lights and no markings to speak of. The only way I even detected it was the light reflecting off of the bottom of the object from the bridge's street lights. The object was at the height of a 3 to 5 story building, it was hard to tell. It was size of a large vehicle or bigger. Since it was difficult to judge the distance it was also difficult to judge the size. As it got closer to me I thought I could make out some detail - maybe a corner or a surface feature on the bottom. It could have been triangular, square or pentagonal - really no way to tell. Once it was nearly above me, I panicked and picked up the grocery bag - which I had dropped moments before - and ran up the hill about 15 or 20 meters. I stopped and turned to see if I was being followed but the object was still moving down the hill and had altered course slightly to the east and was moving toward the centre of town. I had passed underneath a lit pedestrian crossing sign and in 30 seconds or so, the lights from the sign obscured my view of the object as it got further away. I got home and recruited my two cousins to get a flashlight and help me see if I could find the thing. We found nothing. I regret not following it in the first place, but I was scared.((NUFORC Note: Date is approximate. PD))

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