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Tuttle Creek/Lone Pine, CA

Sighted on Thursday 06. June 2002
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: 5 minutes

Let me start off by saying that I do not do drugs and I do not drink alcohol. I am retired, after working 33 years as an electronics engineer for a popular aerospace company, and have taken part in designing some of the modern warplanes you see today.Back on June 6, 2002, I was camping at a place called Tuttle Creek, near the town of Lone Pine, which is near Mount Whitney (the tallest mountain in the continental United States). I know it was the 6th of June, because that was my 68th birthday. I was with another retiree, a buddy of mine, ((name deleted)). After a long day of fishing and BSing, we cooked and ate dinner, watched a VHS movie in my RV, then went to sleep. It was about 1 AM, and I woke up because, well, my buddy’s snoring was just too loud for me to sleep through. I went outside and sat on the picnic table to have myself a cigar. After about a minute or so, I started to have this stange feeling, like the little voice inside me was talking. It was then that a light or reflection above me caught my eye. I looked up and, low and behold, there was this triangle craft moving above me, I would guess, about 5-10 mph. It was about 1000 feet up, and and it didn't make any sound. It was about 50-60 feet long by 30-40 feet wide, and had a reddish-orange light on each point. The sky was clear and you can see all the stars, except for the ones that this craft blocked out. I pounded on the RV to wake up ((name deleted)). He came out cussing at me, and I all I had to do was point upward to shut him up. He was just as shocked as I was. We watched this craft for almost 5 minutes, and then suddenly the craft started to move faster, and within a few seconds it was out of our line of sight. We stood up the rest of the night exchanging opinions about what we thought the craft was. We came to the conclusion that it was either a new experimental secret government aircraft (we both worked on the F-117 Stealth Fighter, so we knew that it could have been a new secret aircraft), mass hallucination (that was ((name deleted)) 2 cents), or an extraterrestrial craft. I am not 100 percent sure what it was, but it was one hell of a birthday present.

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