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Laredo, TX

Sighted on Sunday 05. May 2002
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 20 seconds

Massive object passing over houseA beautiful night, clear sky, went outside with my girlfriend so our dog could take care of business...I was watching the dog running around the yard…I noticed my girlfrient glancing up and she grabbed my arm and I looked at her expression and I looked up also...She tried to speak..i stopped her because i saw what she did and i wanted to hear if this object flying over the house was making a noise, such as a jet engine, prop, etc...if this website is for real...let me say that this was a real experience…I am an educated person of sound mind and i can say that i, and my friend, definitely observed a massive (a block long) boomranged shaped ufo silently glide over us going south no more that several hundred feet above us...No sound, just a massive object that blocked out our view of the stars as it passed overhead. It passed over us very fast and and as we saw it go away from us a glow of greenish lights seemed to come from the back of this object...again...this massive object just seemed to be gliding over us...no noise...nothing that i have ever seen or am aware of...I do not think that mankind has this type of technology to explain what I and my girlfriend saw... After the object was gone ((name deleted)) (my girlfriend)and I got the dog, went inside the house and sat down and I told her to gather her thoughts before we talked about what we had seen...I wanted to get her version of what she saw and I wanted to tell her what I saw...We saw the same thing...It definately was not from this planet...Later i called contacted a friend of mine who is a ufo nut and I made an official reporting with some type of agency...end of story...we are not alone here...and trust me...there is a much higher intellengence out there((NUFORC Note: Witness elects to remain totally anonymous. PD))

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Rio Bravo, Texas (United States) 2007-06-15 Boomerang, Cigar, Circle, Diamond, Disc, Square, Rectagular Undisclosed
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Laredo, Texas (United States) 2006-08-01 Sphere 00:00:10
Oilton, Texas (United States) 2006-06-18 Triangle Undisclosed
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San Antonio/Laredo (between), TX 2006-01-01 Triangle 1: 45 minutes
Laredo, TX 2004-10-11 Fireball 22:31
Nuevo Laredo (Mexico), WA 2004-10-11 Light 20min
Laredo, TX 2003-11-24 Circle 15 SEC
Laredo, TX 2003-10-19 Sphere 25 MIN
Freer, TX 2000-06-11 Circle 4-5 minutes
Freer (near), TX 2000-06-11 Disk UNK
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas (Mexico) 1999-04-16 Chevron, Triangle Undisclosed
Laredo, Texas (United States) 1999-03-13 Fireball, Sphere 01:05:00
Woodlands, TX 1997-08-30 Light
Laredo, New York (United States) 1997-07-15 Chevron Undisclosed
Laredo, TX 1996-12-28 Changing 10 seconds
Encinal (northeast of), TX 1993-11-15 Rectangle 1 hour
Laredo, Texas (United States) 1990-06-28 Teardrop 00:05:00
Laredo, TX 1979-06-01 Circle 30 min
Laredo, Texas (United States) 1978-06-23 Circle Undisclosed
Laredo, Texas (United States) 1978-05-15 Triangle Undisclosed
Nuevo Laredo, TX 1971-08-17 Formation 10 min.