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Laredo, TX

Sighted on Tuesday 27. January 2009
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Shape: Unknown | Duration: 1 minute

Large object producing a large bright stream of light dissapear from the sky like a flash !!!My daughter & I were driving home last night, 01/27/2009. It was close to 10 pm in the north area of Laredo, TX. As we turn south in one of the streets, we immediately noticed a very bright large stream of light ahead of us in the sky. The stream of light was running horizontally illuminating the darkness east side of the sky. We both looked trying to figure out what it was or where the light was coming from. We realized that it was from a large object with dimmer light and haze floating in the sky. The stream of light was like two huge lamps pointing east. We can not precisely tell the form of the object producing the stream of light, but can definitely say it was moving and shortening the stream of light until both, object & light totally disappear instantly in front of our eyes like a flash!!!

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