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Caribou, ME

Sighted on Tuesday 05. November 2002
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Shape: Light | Duration: 2 Minutes

I went out into the backyard of my property with my dog at 04:00 hours. It was a clear night, without moonlight, to illuminate the night sky. I love to watch the night sky and all the constellations as they shine brightly in northern Maine on a dark night. There was no noise (aircraft or vehicle) breaking the silence. I was under a tall lodge pole pine tree waiting for my dog to come back. I walked out from under the tree and looked up into the northeast sky at about 01:00 when I saw a large white light about the size of a full moon. It was at an altitude of several thouand feet. I stood there in amazement at the brightness of the light. I just stood there, watching, wondering, where it came from and where it would move too. After about 2 minutes the light moved upward at a high rate of speed, disappearing within 2 to 3 seconds. The light has never reappeared since this crisp morning in November 2002. Every time I look up in the sky, I wonder, when the next contact will come.The now closed Loring AFB is about six miles from my home. The object (light) appeared to be hovering over the old base. Even though the base is officially closed, the military still has a presence on the base.

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Grand Falls, New Brunswick (Canada) 1974-07-31 Disc 00:05:00
Loring AFB, ME 1968-10-30 Unknown one hour
Caribou, ME 1967-09-15 Disk 10 seconds
Caswell, Maine (United States) 1963-04-30 Disc 00:05:00
Caswell, Maine (United States) 1963-04-30 Disc, Other Undisclosed
Houlton, Maine (United States) 1954-01-01 Sphere Undisclosed
Maine, Maine (United States) 1953-01-20 N, A Undisclosed