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Caribou, Maine (United States)

Sighted on Thursday 20. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Disc | Duration: Undisclosed

I was picking up after my kids and got a little too hot,so i stuck my head out my window and noticed that the sky was extremely clear for my area.I remembered A NASA video on tat said that you could see the milky way on clear night with just your eyes.So i looked and sure enough you can. But i noticed that some of the stars were in formation patterns of 3.The one on top and bottom seem to dodge from side to side, but the middle one was completely stationary.I didn't see a pattern like the big or little dipper so i kept looking and notice that on of the stars stood out.I thought wow the north star so i kept looking and noticed that it was flat so i curled my index finger and thumb together like you would do to look at an eclipse,and noticed that the North Star looked like a horizontal line of pure light! and it was wobbling in a circular pattern and stopping.It even appeared to get closer then wobble back up.I got angry because i don't own a good digital camera and went in side and tried to tell my wife, But she was sound asleep.No one to share with but here.Too upset to go to bed.I hope that when another event like this happens i can have something to show.sorry. >8(

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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Caribou, ME (United States) 2016-10-08 Red moving star 30 mins.
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Four Falls (Canada), NB 2014-06-03 Light 7 minutes
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St. Agatha, ME 2013-08-25 Light 25 minutes now
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Houlton, ME 2013-06-21 Fireball 5 minutes
Houlton, ME 2013-06-21 Fireball 5 minutes
Houlton, ME 2012-11-19 Teardrop 30 minutes +
Caribou, Maine (United States) 2012-10-17 Sphere Undisclosed
Woodstock, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-07-30 Sphere 00:06:00
Washburn, Maine (United States) 2012-07-19 Flash, Triangle, Other 04:00:00
Bloomfield, NB, New Brunswick (Canada) 2012-06-24 Sphere Undisclosed
Littleton, Maine (United States) 2012-01-15 Other 00:05:00
Presque Isle, ME 2011-09-19 Unknown 6 hours
Limestone, Maine (United States) 2011-09-14 Diamond, Star-like, Triangle Undisclosed
New Sweden, ME 2011-07-05 Triangle 7 minutes
Mars Hill, Maine (United States) 2010-04-12 Unknown 00:03:30
Presque Isle, Maine (United States) 2009-11-01 Oval Undisclosed
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St Leonard (Canada), NB 2009-07-30 Light 20 seconds
Fort Fairfield, ME 2008-12-28 Other 15sec
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Presque Isle, Maine (United States) 2006-12-27 Undisclosed Undisclosed
Plaster Rock, New Brunswick (Canada) 2006-10-07 Sphere Undisclosed
Woodstock (Canada), NB 2006-06-06 Disk 10 MIN
Crosslake, ME 2006-01-01 Fireball 1 hour
Edmundston (Canada), NB 2005-11-29 Unknown 3 minutes
Woodstock, New Brunswick (Canada) 2005-11-15 Boomerang, Chevron, Other 00:00:10
Woodstock, New Brunswick (Canada) 2005-11-15 Boomerang, Chevron, Other 00:00:10
Grand Isle, ME 2003-12-28 Changing +/- 10 mins.
Grand Isle, ME 2003-12-28 Triangle ca. 10 mins.
Woodstock (Canada), NB 2003-07-28 Light 2 hours
Caribou, ME 2002-11-05 Light 2 Minutes
Moose Mountain (Canada), NB 2002-07-06 Triangle 5 MIN
Woodstock (Canada), NB 2001-08-18 Light 3 seconds
Presque Isle, ME 2000-08-15 Light 10 MINUTES
Ashland, ME 1999-06-27 Triangle 2 min
Limestone, Maine (United States) 1999-01-13 Boomerang 00:15:00
Ft. Fairfield, ME 1998-09-15 Light 15 min
Limestone, Maine (United States) 1998-07-14 Oval 00:35:00
Fort Fairfield, ME 1997-08-30 Changing 10 minutes
Loring AFB, ME 1997-08-16 Cigar 5 or 6 minutes
Maplewood (Canada), NB 1997-06-08 Other 5 to 10minutes
Woodland, ME 1995-05-23 20 min.
Glassville (Canada), NB 1994-05-02 Diamond 5 minutes
Limestone, Maine (United States) 1992-11-25 Disc Undisclosed
Woodstock, New Brunswick (Canada) 1990-05-10 Sphere, Star-like Undisclosed
Sainte-Anne of Madawaska (Canada), NB 1988-07-12 Sphere 45 Seconds
Caribou, ME 1984-08-07 Egg 15 minutes
Houlton, ME 1979-12-20 Triangle 3 minutes
Edmundston (Canada), NB 1978-09-15 Disk 1hour
Caribou, Maine (United States) 1978-05-15 Circle Undisclosed
Clair, New Brunswick (Canada) 1978-04-20 Triangle Undisclosed
Caribou (rural Suburb of), ME 1977-08-15 Light 5-10 seconds
Portage Lake, ME 1977-08-15 Disk 10 minutes?
Limestone, ME 1976-10-02 Disk 30
St. Agatha, ME 1976-09-01 Light 10 minutes
Limestone (Loring AFB), ME 1976-06-20 Cigar 15 Min
Limestone, ME 1975-10-27 Light 20:00?
St. Agatha, ME 1975-09-29 Light 10 minutes
Limestone, Maine (United States) 1975-06-01 Oval 00:02:00
Presque Isle, ME 1974-12-05 Other 2 mins
Presque Isle, Maine (United States) 1974-11-30 Cigar, Circle Undisclosed
Grand Falls, New Brunswick (Canada) 1974-07-31 Disc 00:05:00
Loring AFB, ME 1968-10-30 Unknown one hour
Caribou, ME 1967-09-15 Disk 10 seconds
Caswell, Maine (United States) 1963-04-30 Disc 00:05:00
Caswell, Maine (United States) 1963-04-30 Disc, Other Undisclosed
Houlton, Maine (United States) 1954-01-01 Sphere Undisclosed
Maine, Maine (United States) 1953-01-20 N, A Undisclosed