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Craig, CO

Sighted on Saturday 02. September 2006
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: est 2mins.

Unusual Light Over The RockiesI was just getting off work at around 2:45am. Iam a Certified Mechanic, Iam 35yrs. of age and have a wife and two great daughters. I pulled up at my House Outside of Craig, CO. at apx. 3:00am. When i pulled up to my driveway and got outa of my suv, i noticed a unusual beam of light to the west shining over the Rockies. The light changed from white to a bright purple color and strobed like a strobe light changing colors. Than about two mins later the light stopped flashing and faded in a unreal way. Just thought I would share what I have seen. Have a good Day!((ADDENDUM FROM READER))upon reading the report of a UFO sighting in Craig colorado on September the second 2006 I can not but find trouble with this report. I was born and raised in Craig Colorado and now reside in Southern Illinois. In the report the subject claimed "i noticed a unusual beam of light to the west shining over the Rockies." Now as a former resident of this town, and someone to have knowelge in geography, the Rockie Mountains are to the East of Craig, and not to the west. Now the writer may have meant hey noticed the lights to the West of the Rockie Mountains, and not to the West of Craig, but I don't know for I wasn't there. I do know when I lived out there I whitnessed UFO's, it was a green streaking glowing light travlening from the North to the south, so I'm not trying to say the individual didn't say anything, but may his directions were wrong. If I wouldn't have seen something with my own eyes there I would say he is crazy, so I hope with this either he re-thinks where he say the lights, or if he saw anything at all. I'm sure visitors do go there, but I believe our friend may have his directions crossed or he saw nothing at all. Sincerely, ((name deleted))((END ADDENDUM))

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