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Craig, CO

Sighted on Thursday 01. June 1995
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Shape: Changing | Duration: 20 Minutes

Very Shiny and Reflective Saucer seen on the South side of Craig, Colorado Summer of 1995 I was unaware there was a site such as this to post your experiences. My buddy and I had agreed not to report what we seen for fear that we would be laughed at.My parents live on the west side of Craig, Colorado, and I left there to pick my buddy up at his place which was a townhouse also on the west side of Craig. The weather was a clear blue sky without any clouds so to speak. We had decided we were going to go the Village Inn to eat and as we headed east on Highway 40/Victory Way toward the Village Inn my buddy said is that a "jet" as he pointed to the south side of town??? I said yeah that's a "jet" as I looked I could see a jet flying along with a vapor trail. He said not there over there! I looked and said I don't know what the h*ll that is. As we were driving I noticed a guy walking along the highway that was looking in the direction of the object also. I said lets get closer to it and we drove east and turned south on to Ranney Street. We pulled up underneath the craft around the area of 1st Street. I estimated it to be about 100-150 feet across and it looked like the common description of a saucer. It had an eleva! ted center area and was disc shaped and was made of a very reflective and highly shiny metal. I could see the sun reflecting on the side of it extremely bright! I collaborated with my buddy the whole time to confirm what I was seeing. At a distance it looked like the object was sitting in space on an exact point without moving at all. When we got closer I could tell the object was rotating about a central axis like a top at an extreme speed. It was holding exact position without a bobble and didn't make a sound. We sat there and looked at it in awe when it started rotating faster and faster! I said it's speeding up on its rotation right? My buddy said yes it is. Then it began to change shape flattening out like a cigar with the elevated center area completely gone and then in an instant it vanished completely! I asked my buddy am I seeing things or did it just vanish! He exclaimed yes it vanished completely. This first time seeing the object I guessed it lasted ! about 12 minutes. I looked further south and said there it is! again! We sped south to the intersection that heads east to the golf course and airport. It was hovering like before and we sat there and looked at it again and like before it changed shape and vanished! This time the viewing was for about 5 minutes. Then we seen it again east of the airport so we headed east and as we got up on it began to change shape once again like before and in an instant it was gone. It never reappeared after this time. The whole duration of us watching the object was probably around 20 minutes. We honestly couldn't believe what we just saw. If I was to see a UFO I always thought it would be a brief passing in the night. I'll never forget this that's for sure. We seen this object so often and I had heard of abduction and people having their memories erased. We checked our watches pretty closely to make sure there was no missing time. I think I would still be scared to be hypnotized. My buddy was from Grand Junction, Colorado and I haven't talked ! to him in years.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that date is approximate. PD))

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