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Mablethorpe (UK/England)

Sighted on Monday 22. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Light | Duration: 3-4 mins

two orange lights seen over mablethorpe coast, north end, and orb over huttoft coast,i was driving towards mabletghorpe in an easterly direction when i noticed 2 orange balls of light one above the other at aprox 45 degress above the horizon. both lights were bright then slowly dimmed to nothing. after about 20 seconds, they appeared in the exact same spot. they stayed there for about 30 seconds then the lower light dissapered then the higher light dissapeared as well about 5 seconds later. the lights did this one more time then vanished for good. i parked up in a car park near the beach and looked for any sign of ships or aircraft in the area but none were around. the hight of the lights dissmiss any light house or ships, although there is a bombing range about 8 miles up the beach. as far as i could see and hear there were no planes in the area at the time and this would not explain the fact the lights were stationary or that they vanished and appeared in the same place each time they appeared. i dont belive they were flares as again they did not move whereas flares would float down . this is not the first time i have spotted orange lights near here. about 41/2 years ago i spotted an orange orb in the sky above a village 7 miles down the coast from here. it was visable for about 2 mins before three red lights apeared comming in from the sea traveling west. as they got close to the orange orb, it slowly dissapeared. the three red lights got level with where the orb was then they turned south and followed the coast until they were out of sight. the orb made no noise, but the red lights sounded like helicopters. i belive they may have been military craft following the orb. this sighting was also around 18.00.

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