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Amarillo, TX

Sighted on Tuesday 06. January 2009
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Shape: Triangle | Duration: approx. two minutes

Two, maybe three, possible ufos of triangle shape- one of which was moving slowly.I believe I just witnessed two ufo’s. The first one I saw was close, triangular in shape, and was moving too slowly to be an airplane. It seemed to have three lights, one on each of the points, and then a couple more in the middle of the front. I couldn’t get my palmcorder out fast enough to catch it on video and I was driving the opposite way of the direction it was traveling. It seemed to be traveling in a north and then northwest direction.The second possible ufo, I got on video, but it was farther away and it looks like just a light on the recording. I was traveling south on a straight road and you can tell it is not moving from side to side. It was not getting fainter or brighter, so it must not have been moving towards me or away from me. This leads me to believe that it was hovering.Something else I saw that could be "something" is hovering to the southeast of my house. On the video I got of it, it brightens and darkens itself. It seems to be stationery. I must admit, I could just be excited about my previous sightings and it could be a planet or bright star that I have not previously noticed. I will take another video of the same area tomorrow night.I was driving when this all took place, save for the last possible incident, so if the "crafts" made any noise, I couldn't hear them.I cannot e-mail the videos because I can only e-mail up to 10mb, and both videos exceed that.

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