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Hereford, TX

Sighted on Friday 29. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Flash | Duration: night

On November 29, 2002 we saw a ufoOn the 29th of November me and my cousins were playing basketball in the back yard and I was looking up at the sky after I shot I saw a flying object that looked like a star but when I glanced and looked really hard at the object I saw the object moved really slow at first but when i called my cousin and my brother to see the flying object the object started to move a little bit faster than it did at first, but when we went in the front of the house to the flying object because the object started to move faster to the front of the house but when we went in the front and the object started to move north and started to blink the lights and the flying objects started to blink and all of a sudden the light dissappered and then started to blink really bright and then the light went off and we didn't see it ever again but then 2 mintues after we saw the object the object came back and did a bright light and then it went out and we didn't ever see the light again but today we saw Unsolved Mysteries and there where some people that witness the same thing that we saw but there storie was a little bit different but that is the ufo sighting that we saw on November 29,2002

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