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Dos Rios, CA

Sighted on Sunday 07. December 2008
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 15minutes

Two very odd and different flying machines with evedence of more!Sunday morning. I'm walking down the driveway and my dog stopped in his tracks and pointed with his nose that he sees something. I look, because we have large wild animals (brown bear, mountain lions,) ect. An aircraft of sorts flew over a peak from the west. Imagine a 747 with a 727 attached tail to nose, like a plane being refueled. now imagine it snaking through the sky. It turned north and went over another mountain, never stopping its banking. Approximate height 30,000 ft. I then saw 4 contrails across the sky. me and my helper were discussing how they looked like they came from the outer atmosphere when another aircraft entered the atmosphere before our eyes! This one looked it was from the movie star wars. It flew much closer, and in the same direction as the contrails. It had 4 HUGE engines with a ball capsule on a stick in front and it was going many thousands MPH. Hitting the atmosphere so hard it knocked it sideways! We were waiting for the obvious sonic boom, guess what no noise! By the way the weekend before we did hear a sonic boom. And the weekend before I heard what I would describe as a large gyroscope winding down at 3am. trust me, there was no explaining this.((NUFORC Note: Source indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

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Comptche, CA 2014-05-12 Rectangle 2 minutes
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Lakeport, CA 2014-05-05 Light 15
Laytonville, CA 2014-03-04 Fireball 2 minutes
Ukiah, California (United States) 2014-02-28 Circle Undisclosed
Fort Bragg, California (United States) 2014-02-09 Star-like Undisclosed
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