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Poyntzpass (Northern Ireland)

Sighted on Wednesday 31. December 2008
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Shape: Light | Duration: 10-15 minutes

Two orangy/yellow lights seen hovered and moving off really quickly at incredible speed.It 6am on December 31st 2008 I was looking out of my bathroom window at the stars when I suddenly noticed two bright orangey/yellow lights up in the sky. There was quite a large distance between them. It was a frosty night and the sky was very clear with all the stars visibly lit up. I was admiring the stars when I noticed them appearing parallel to each other. The light on the right appeared to 'hover' up and down, side to side. The one on the left did the same and then all of a sudden the one on the left went very fast straight over to the light on the right. I actually thought they were going to collide and put my hand over my mouth in fear! It appeared to sit directly underneath the other one for a few minutes. Suddenly the other light which was now above it moved off really fast. It moved backward away from our house. It moved faster than I've have ever seen any type of aircraft ever move. I opened the window and could hear no noise during the whole duration of the sighting. I watched as they both flew off into the distance and were very quickly out of sight. The next day I went out to see if there was something which they may have been looking at and I realised my neighbours farm could be seen near us and it is always lit up really well at night. They use street lights all round their yard and these are on all night. However, the room I saw the lights from does not have a direct view of the farm as it is at a different angle. Anyhow, the lights were in the sky not down near the ground.

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