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Belfast, Northern Ireland (United Kingdom)

Sighted on Friday 05. June 2020
Reported on
Shape: Cigar | Duration: 00:00:15

I witnessed the craft moving across the sky at the same velocity of a passenger jet. i would estimate it was 3-5 miles from where i was. i called my wife out to see it and she also witnessed the craft moving into the clouds to the left of the full moon which was clear in the sky at this point. the craft did not make a sound and did not leave exhaust smoke. it moved elegantly across the sky, it had lights like stripes vertically and evenly spaced out along the craft like a dark candy cane with neon light stripes, the colours varied within each striped area. when it entered the clouds it failed to reappear which made the event even more remarkable. i have been looking at the night sky for many years i know a plane i live west of the city and the flight path of passenger jets into belfast cross the sky frequently, i've seen meteors, satellites, the iss and planets but i've never seen anything remotely like this and i was curious to know if anybody else has witnessed this amazing event earthly or not.

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