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Lowestoft (UK/England)

Sighted on Wednesday 17. December 2008
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Shape: Light | Duration: 10 minutes

bright light, then went small, moved across the sky very quickly, dissapeared then small flashes in the sky where it was.UFO Reporting Me and my friend was driving back from Asda on 17/12/2008 around 4:40pm. We was talking about the bright light that you can see in the sky at the moment, and discussing what it could be I.e. planets or a space station that is being build apparently.As we were driving home and went round the roundabout to turn off I shouted “what’s that “ to my friend, it was quite a big light and as bright as the other light in the sky but it was a orangey colure, it was moving slowly. I said to my friend “that’s not the same thing in the sky that we were looking at earlier, that’s just appeared”, she was just as confused as I was.The light suddenly went really small and dim, a small flash of light appeared under it, and for a seconded you could hardly see it, we carried on driving up the road and was loudly talking about what we wear seeing. The object looked like a tiny spark in the sky, it began moving fast through the sky, it moved to fast to be an aeroplane, as we could see other planes in the sky.We palled the car over, because we couldn’t believe how fast it got across the other side of the sky and it was a big gap from were we fist spotted it. As we was looking at it, it got a lot smaller and you could barely see it. It then started to flash, you could not see no object or light, but tiny little flashes flickering in the sky, and then it was gone, it all lasted about ten minutes.

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