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Bethel, AK

Sighted on Thursday 01. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 15 minutes

Possible Bethel UFO sightingA little after 1am Jan 1, 2009. A relative cam to our house and said she saw some lights (reddish-orange) hover in place. Then a minute or two later it moved very fast to our left then dimmed and then reappeared in the location we first saw it.I tried to video record it but all I got was a faint light before it finally disappeared from our view.It was a very cold and clear night in Bethel, Alaska, no clouds you could also see lots of stars. All the fireworks had ended way before we saw this. We also told some neighbors that came outside their home to see what we were looking at but they didn't think nothing of it. We also had children in the car that were scared when it moved real fast and reappeared in a different location. It looked like reddish-orange light maybe group of three like a triangle. There was no sounds from it. It was quite no other fireworks or gunshots at the time. After it disappeared we went back into our house.

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