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Ozona, TX

Sighted on Wednesday 04. February 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 1 hour

bright light camoflouged as a star gets brighter then turns burnt orange and bright again from my back yard this light has been comming and going for about the past seven months always in the west behind my house . it sits for a while then starts to get brighter and brighter then you can see this light rotate almost like a light house light , it disapears then comes back like a bright star( which it is not) a friend of and i were comming back from a town near here and i had noticed this same thing on the left of the road high in the sky and told him to look at it and watch what it did he watched as i pointed out for it to be UFO he laughed then his attitude changed, the light went from the south to the north west like a rocket the back due west and sustained for about 30 minutes or so spun around begain to get bright then poof vanished, he looked at me and exclaimed i belive you now that was a UFO! so i have been watching this for sometime it is not a copter, weatherbaloon,or jet , this is a genuine UFO.

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