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Ozona, Texas (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 30. November 2002
Reported on
Shape: Boomerang, Chevron, Triangle | Duration: 00:00:30

I had just clocked in for work so I know it was 5:30am, I'm always there before sunrise.I stepped out of the meeting room, where the time clock is and I don't know why I just looked up, and there it was moving less than 5 miles an hour in an easterly direction. It was Completely silent, and it was as big as a football field. I could tell how big it was because it was a clear morning and the stars were shining and as I looked up I couldn't see the stars, I could only see them further over past the outline of this triangle shaped ship. It was only about 500 feet above me as I watched it in awe as it moved slowly east, then in an instant it streaked across the sky so fast that I couldn't hardly follow it with my eyes. Afterwords I felt like I had worked a whole day, my adrenaline must have been pumping hard while I was looking at this thing. It only lasted a few seconds but seemed like longer it was like everything was in slow motion while I was walking and looking up and then all of a sudden it just picked up speed and streaked away towards the north east.

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