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Penzance (Cornwall) (UK/England)

Sighted on Sunday 15. February 2009
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 5 minutes

Constant Orange light over Fishing Village of Newlyn, Cornwall, England. No Navigation lights or engine noise.Orbe shape orange in colour. Constant dull Orange light no navigation lights were visable at any time. Flight path was initially a West to East direction just to the West of Penzance. The object then turned to a South - westterly direction and incresed speed and gained height and speed till it simply vanished in the distance. On the initial sighting it appeared to fly the speed of Helichopter but after changing its course to a southerley direction its speed was has fast if not faster than a mordan jet fighter. At no time during the sighting didi I hear any engine noise or see any navigation lights. I would guess the height of the object to be about 1 to 2 thousand feet at first and was unable to estimate its speed or height as it tracked South West till it vanished.

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