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Caracas (Venezuela)

Sighted on Tuesday 27. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Formation | Duration: 1 min

3 Ufos over the city of Caracas Tonight around 7:00 pm 3 objects passed over the city of Caracas in 3 differents directions in less than 1 min to the refence point of view.The first object was traveling from south to north and was the biggest of all 3 objects.It was traveling as it wanted to pass without be seen but in a second made a big flash of white light.At the same time another object was going from east to west and it was moving in zigzag flashing light of differents color with red tones. It was moving a lower speed and lower altitute.And finally all this happening in less than 1 min another ufo was going faster almost invisible following the path of the first obeject.In fact, the sky was divided in two portions, one really cloudy and one really clear and bright, with the clouds to the west side.((NUFORC Note: The date indicated by the source of the report is flawed. We do not know the date of the sighting, but have indicated above our best estimate. We will contact the source for confirmation of the date. PD))

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