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Caracas (Venezuela)

Sighted on Monday 30. March 2009
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Shape: Disk | Duration: 45 seconds

Big greenish flying saucer floating for about 30 seconds and then dissapearing north in a flash over Caracas, Venezuela.I was going to pick up my car at a parking lot nearby my office. When I was about to get into the car I spotted some bright greenish light coming from above. I looked up, and then I clearly saw a somewhat huge disk of light floating steadily. It was over a Caracas zone called El Marques. It floated for around 30 seconds, maube a little bit less, and then, suddendly, like a breeze, it did move very very fast and, in less than a second, dissapeared flying straight toward the Avila mountain, (north of Caracas). Two other people at the parking lot also spotted it like me. I am 47 years old. The other two males are a little bit younger than me. The fun part was that the dog in the parking lot started to run, like wanting to chase the giant disk, right after it dissapeared. My heart it's still ponding. This is the second time in my life I see something like this. Last time was in 1978, also here in Caracas.

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