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Rincon, GA

Sighted on Saturday 18. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 45 Seconds

Small triangular shaped object making extremely sharp turns at a great speed.On Saturday, April 18th 2009, at about 23:50 the previous day,me and three other friends decided we were hungry. We decided to go to the local Sonic fast food restaurant and get something to eat. We got there at 00:00, and the employees told us that they were closed for the night. Well, one of my friends knew one of the employees. So we decided to wait for her to clock out. She came out shortly after, at 00:03.We were all standing in the parking lot by the highway and talking. I heard a noise of something that sounded like a distant airplane. Not too distant, but one that sounded like it might be close. I looked directly up, waited a second for my eyes to adjust to the darkness of the sky. When they finally focused I saw what was dimmer than the brightest star (not including our sun) moving around at a great speed. It was quite small, this could have been because it was quite high in the sky, higher than most airplanes it seemed. It seemed to be somewhat triangular in shape. I watched it for a second, and it quickly started making sharp turns left and right, while still going at that same constant speed. It didn’t look like it was getting any closer. The first thing I thought was it was a bug flying around, but there was no way it would be that visible at this time of night.I told everyone and two of my other friends saw it, even one with glasses on. The other friend, and the person we were waiting for to get off work didn’t see it. The employee thought that we were smoking something that night, but that was defenetaly not the case. I watched it for a good while, almost a minute, as it make incredible turns at such a high speed. This thing could not have been man made. If it were, not many people know about it.I finally looked away for one second to ask how my friend and the employee could not see the UFO. And when I looked back it zoomed off. I didn’t see if it went off somewhere else or if it just went straight up and left the Earth’s atmosphere. And just as fast as it was gone, so was the quiet noise it was making while it was flying directly above us. I kept looking around hoping to find it, and I couldn’t. My other two friends that witnessed it also could not find it.((NUFORC Note: Student report. We are uncertain as to whether this is intended as a serious report. PD))

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