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Bloomfield, MO

Sighted on Sunday 29. March 2009
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Shape: Light | Duration: 1 hour

Yellow-White light seen moving accross and then hovering in Southeast Missouri skyAt approximately 9 PM on tonight (March 29, 2009) my wife and I noticed a strange light in the sky. We had just arrived home, and I stepped out of my car to urinate, facing due north. I noticed a yellow-white light, just above the treeline. The trees are fairly close, within a mile, but the object was obviously much farther away and higher in the sky.It moved toward the east at a steady clip, moving from due north to nearly northeast within a matter of 2 minutes. At this point, now in the northeast, it began to ascend. The UFO climbed then disappeared momentarily, for maybe 5 seconds or so, and then reappeared much smaller and still climbing. It had gone from being visible at about the size of a pea, and once it reached it's highest point it was the size of most noticeable stars in the sky. The light then began to move in all four cardinal directions, always coming back to a central starting spot. There seemed to be no pattern to this.At this point, I called my mother to explain this instance to her. She was able, without my direction, to pick out the point in the sky that I was talking about. She noticed, as we did, that it was a different hue than what the surrounding stars were putting off. The object stayed in the sky at this distant point for about an hour. We went out to check it periodically, and it vanished while we were inside.

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