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Islamorada, FL

Sighted on Friday 13. February 2009
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Shape: Other | Duration: 5 seconds

viewing photo taken in Florida Keys shows unknown objectsMy son and I were traveling by car from Islamorada to Big Pine Key on the Florida Key Highway. I was taking pictures of the highway ahead when I noticed what I thought was the moon to my upper left. I panned my camera to that way while still keeping the highway in view and getting the moon in also to make the photo more interesting. The moon was full 02-09-09, possible 3/4 02-13-09.Viewing my pictures this past weekend 03-08-09 my wife and I were surprised to see my moon photo as not the moon at all. I got 2 images of bowl shaped objects with 2 bright orbs a short distance above.I have zoomed in on the objects and the bowl shapes have a serrated gear edge on the flat part and the orbs have a diamond point. Can you have my photo analyzed and let me know? emailing photo.

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Taveriner, FL 2014-08-22 Fireball 22:13
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