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Roseville, CA

Sighted on Saturday 28. March 2009
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Shape: Formation | Duration: 35-45 minute

Three unexplained events experienced March 28th 2009. Group of objects seen in pursuit of object.Three unexplained events experienced March 28th 2009 The First Event It was a very late Saturday night, Sunday early morning at 2:00am. After staying up late to watch a few movies we decided to step out on our apt patio to get some fresh air to be alone and look up at the stars. Our 3 yr old son lay tucked away in bed sleeping. It was unusually very windy earlier that day but although an amazingly clear and calm night. We sat there on the patio for a bit, maybe 15 min. I noticed a shooting star off to my left that shot from right to left downward diagonally. As I tugged at my husband I was able to catch the tail end of it as it fizzled out across the sky. We both in fun, made a wish and then looked back up. I said to my husband looking up, “ It just doesn’t make sense, that there wouldn’t be more out there, it’s just so beautiful.” As I looked at him I watched as he pointed up to the sky but totally away from where we were looking before. He said, “ Oh my God”. I looked up and was completely frozen solid. I could not believe my own eyes. We both were stunned. We saw a silvery pearl colored spherical shape in the sky that glistened. If you’ve ever looked at the North Star it looked just like that, but a bit larger, maybe the size or thickness around as the pencil lead inside a pencil. We definitely did not notice this being there before on account of how bright it was and my husband and I noticing it so immediately.It seemed to reflect the moonlight, which was to our left in the sky. The object just sat there. It then quickly shot off in a diagonal direction to our left over our building out of view, but something weird happened. It had made no sound, left no trail, and sped up at first, then almost slowed down to a stop and then shot off very quickly again, shooting out a bit slowing down and then shooting out a bit again like it may have been in trouble or something. This could definitely not been a shooting star or a piece of debris coming in from space. It quickly traveled until it was blocked from view because of our patio roof, as we are located on the second floor. We felt a rush of adrenalin come over us as we both practically jumped in each other’s arms in amazement to what we had just seen. We were so excited we actually yelled out in excitement.This 1st experience lasted maybe about 10-12 seconds from the time we spotted it until it was gone from view.The Second Event We both immediately redirected our view back to the sky and saw 5 more of these same objects out in the distance. At first they seemed to just be bright stars but as we kept looking we could see them moving strangely. Each flashed very brightly for just a second as they approached after seeming to drop noticeably in the sky. At first these objects were very far away in the distance and in seconds were flying right over top of us in the same direction as the other one had gone. We noticed they were moving much faster and even more rapidly than the first. These as well made no sound. Their movement was much more fluid as they flew in and out of one another, one coming close to even hitting another but then formed up in a random group, in a formation but not. As they passed overhead most noticeably we pointed out one in particular moving just like the first one we had seen earlier. One would shoot out faster like the movements of the first one out in front and then reform back into their clustered formation. It was apparent their clustered formation and randomness were obviously patterned as if to match the randomness of the sky and its stars. At a glance you would not notice them for it not for the moonlight reflecting off of them. It seemed as though one wanted to move out faster ahead but then would have to adjust its speed back to the groups, as the main group stayed one constant speed.This 2nd experience lasted maybe about 12-15 seconds until they were out of view.Again, we yelled out and even jumped up and down a bit as our excitement for a second had got the better of us. This had been the most amazing thing we had ever seen together aside from our son being born it was that exciting. What we saw was unlike anything we had ever seen before in the skies and did not resemble anything natural or man made. The speeds most notably were to sporadic and fast to be changing speed and direction like they did. We sat there for a bit more, like 10-15 minutes, rambling back and forth to each other like excited little kids. Our neighbor in the building to our right and across from us came out to see what was going on, after hearing us and we stated that we had just seen the most amazing thing.That’s when we experienced something so amazing; it would forever change all of our lives.The Third Event We apologized to our neighbor for being loud and disturbing him. He said it was no problem. As we turned to walk back in the house we noticed he had said something pretty loud, maybe to us. We stepped back out to see he was as well looking up and was pointing at something. I yanked my husband by the shirt and practically tripped as she fell trying to get to the railing of the patio. Expecting to see the same thing we were quickly frozen by what was there. My husband noticed the neighbor ran inside quickly and came back out. I was so excited and scared, all at the same time but didn’t take my eyes off this thing. It’s hard to explain how I felt. Looking at it did not scare me at all. My husband said later he couldn’t even move or talk at first. He also said that he didn’t know what to think of what he saw and that he didn’t really want to talk about what it meant. What he saw actually scared him a bit. Just in the last week he has been acting a bit different because of what he saw.Traveling in the same direction again, but much slower and closer was an object that was approximately the size of dime in the sky. It was the shape of a jellyfish or mushroom and had brighter light emitting from the center and bottom that was reddish orange. Its sides were almost translucent like a jellyfish and more solid reddish orange in the center. It looked like its sides were moving in on themselves like a mushroom cloud does from an atomic blast with its billowing reddish smoke. It made no noise and traveled at a very slow speed, like about 4 inches in the sky, for like every 5 seconds and then just stopped. This thing just didn’t make sense. It was amazing.My husband pulled me down just below the railing and out of the moonlight where we both now crouched and watched it. For some reason during the event I put out my arm to grab the railing. My husband quickly grabbed my arm down in fear. We both sat there in the dark motionless looking up at this thing for about 3-4 minutes. We were very afraid there for a second there almost hardly breathing. Then suddenly calmness came over both of us when it started to move again. The large object slowly again started to move from its fixed position and slowly in the same direction prior, headed over our building like the others.We have a huge central train yard just about a ½ mile away, in Roseville. You can always hear the cars booming together and crashing in the distance, sometimes very loudly. Sometimes it’s very quiet. This night we would hear them about every 5-10 minutes. You get pretty used to them after a while and block them out. We could hear off in the distance a few pretty loud bangs and then suddenly this object sort of flashed and made a few crackling noises. Like wood burning in a fire. The sounds actually did echo pretty loudly. As the train cars thudded it looked effected by the sounds of them crashing together. It suddenly became very translucent not emitting any form of light. Almost like it shut down, for a second. It appeared to look kind of like a jellyfish head in the sky. You could sort of see through it. You could only see a kind of shimmer glare around its edges from the moonlight and a kind of blurriness in the middle. It sat there for about probably 2–3 seconds doing this crackling noise. Then with the next crash of train cars it moved so fast over top of us, we lost it in our vision as it passed over our building. The object disappeared before my eyes could even adjust to see where it had gone.This is the only way I can describe what we saw on March 28th 2009. The whole series of events occurred between 2 and 2:45 in the morning. They occurred back to back in series. These events were witnessed by, me, my husband, and the two neighbors, a husband and wife who live across from us that witnessed the third portion of the event.

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