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Beijing (China)

Sighted on Monday 09. March 2009
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Shape: Oval | Duration: 30 min

Silent oval UFO with multicolor flashing lights over Beijing for 30min at 20:30 3/10/09.First saw UFO at 20:30, due roughly southwest from the Peking University campus, which is in northwestern Beijing. It was moving very slowly and looked like a plane that was flashing blue and red lights. 20:40ish, it was hanging still, and flashing yellow, blue, green, red and purple lights in varying patterns and rhythms. The average shape seemed to be a sideways oval. 21:10ish it began gently moving side-to-side, still flashing. It also seemed to move towards and away from me. 21:20ish it began moving away and seemed to lower, and then disappeared from view. We thought it was behind a tall building, but it was not visible from an overpass either.There were many onlookers in my area of campus, 50+, and I am sure more clumps elsewhere. It seemed to be far away; only the lights were visible. It did not emit a noise.At 21:30 there was a searchlight to the northeast of campus, and two planes flying in tandem from the same direction.

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