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Beijing (China)

Sighted on Sunday 12. April 2009
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Shape: Teardrop | Duration: 23 minutes 4 seconds

I saw three, tear drop shaped crafts during the evening last night. It was all so real. One of them appeared to have crashed to Earth.I was just chilling outside of my school one night, I like to stay there in the evenings to study. It was just like every other night, a cool breeze caressing my face and only the silence to accompany me. But then I looked up and my world fell down around me.I have always been an avid believer in UFO's, and last night I saw three. Tear drop shaped crafts that seemed opalescent in the bright night sky. They hovered for many minute. After about fifteen, they began to move, slowly at first, and at twenty or so, they shot away as one of them appeared to plummet to the earth.I am afraid to tell people what I saw, I need help.

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