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Route 81, PA

Sighted on Friday 01. May 2009
Reported on
Shape: Other | Duration: 1 minute

silver metallic boomerang shaped object in PAI was driving southon Ret 81 through PA at 2am, I saw a blinking light on the side of the road about 300 yards to the right of the highway, as I drove closer I saw a boomerang shaped silver metallic object that was shaped upright like an L, the light blinked red then blinked white. It slowly hovered across the highway coming down, there were no windows, tires, motors or anything on the object. It floated to the other side of the highway and there was a strangely lit object where it just turned still hovering at the same speed moving so smoothly then i lost sight of it as i drove by. It appeared to be landing, made no sound, and no other objects or people were in its landing area. had to be 7 feet high. very bizarre.

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