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Hanover (Canada), ON

Sighted on Sunday 17. May 2009
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 20 seconds

Silent, circular shaped burnt orange colored object with no lights that doesn't like being hit with a laser pointerThe night of 05/17/09 there were 6 of us sitting around a campfire on lawnchairs.. I was looking directly up for satellites/meteorites and noticed a burnt orange colored circular shape silhouette moving slowly (like a bird soaring) in a northern direction (this was nothing that came from the campfire as it was big and had a very high altitude).. it wasn't easy to spot unless you were looking in that direction as there were no lights and no sound, just a faint big circular dark/burnt orange colored object. I pointed my 300mW green laser pointer at it to ask the other 5 witnesses if they could see it and after tracking the object with the laser for 2 seconds it quickly (in less than 1 second) moved away from the laser to the west a few hundred feet (it looked like a few hundred feet from the ground, it could've been a few miles at that altitude).. then it moved slowly more to the west, until i hit it again with the laser and it then quickly moved south.. then east.. then north again... and then east until we lost sight of it behind some tree's. It seemed that it didn't want to be hit with the laser, and would quickly moved away from the beam. The laser was shining high enough that when i hit the object the laser beam would reflect off the object (as if you were pointing the laser at any solid object) until the object quickly moved out of the way, then the beam would be high in the sky again. The object made turns between 10 + 90 degree angles and moved fast when the laser beam had hit it. The amount of time that passed between the first sighting of it and when we lost sight of it completely was approximately 20 seconds. 1 of the ladies got so scared she ran inside her house.There were fireworks 2 hours prior, and there is a small airport nearby.. but i know neither had anything to do with this as there's nothing that i'm aware of that can move that quick or change direction so quick in our area or anywhere for that matter.Date: May 17th 2009 Time: 23:35 EST Hanover ON 44.157 -81.024 - exact coordinates of sighting.There were a total of 6 witnesses, only 2 had been drinking (myself not being one of them). The witnesses consisted of a truck driver, a construction worker, an on call fireman, 2 business owners and a housewife.

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