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Leitchfield, KY

Sighted on Friday 03. April 2009
Reported on
Shape: Circle | Duration: 45 seconds

unknown lights in a fieldme and my wife was traveling down hwy54 where we live is almost all farming country anyway! as we were headed down 54 about 6 miles out of leitchfield off the right side of the road was what looked like red lights going in a circuler pattern at first we thought it might be kids messin with fireworks but it wasn't the time of year for that and the lights went about 4 houses high it looked like a big car tire sitting upright with lights going around it you couldn't see center of the thing just the lights I know it had a center because you could see the horizon on both sides of it was a good 1500feet from the road the bottom half you couln't see because it was behide a barn but the rest of it was as plan as day what we could see of it was about 60 feet from the barn roof to the edge of the lights as we went passed it the red lights started strobing around the edge of this thing you could see it until we got over hill and then we lost sight of it so we went to our freinds house and asked if there was a farriswheel around the area! They said that there was nothing in or around the area like that and they thought that we were makin stuff up we stayed about 30 minutes and left and went the sameway back but didn't see anything in the same area we still don't know what it was or were it went but I've never seen anything like it before or sence.((NUFORC Note: Witness indicates that the date of the sighting is approximate. PD))

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Louisville, KY 2016-05-13 Other ~10-12 seconds
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