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Bowling Green, Kentucky (United States)

Sighted on Friday 21. February 2020
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Shape: Circle | Duration: 00:40:00

I'll start back in august of 2015. my profession is a truck driver for a major poultry producer . i haul feed to poultry farms . i drive a 100 mi radius of the feed mill . my job is very routine. as i deliver to the same farms over and over again . my routes are pretty well set . as my job is time sensitive. i've been doing this particular job job for the past 13yrs . so, i have a real good working knowledge of how long any particular load will take to run . with that being said . this is the first half of my experience. i started my day at my regular start time . which was 3:00 pm. i was to deliver to a farm that on average would take from 3hrs 15mins to 3 1/2 hrs to make to round trip . which would have me back at the mill between 5:15 and 5:30 pm . my trip to the farm was quick paced as i had not even encountered so much as a red light ! i unloaded , without any problems which takes about 22mins . i left the farm without delay . most of the trip btw is via parkway . also , my company's trucks are governed at 57-58 mph. so , the vast majority of the driving is done with the pedal to the floor . no need to watch your speed on highways . any how , on the return trip . about 3/4 of the way back . i noticed the sun was setting low in the sky . which prompted me to check the time on the trucks clock. it was almost 8:00 pm . with still having another 1/2 hr of drive time left to get back to the mill . thinking that the clock was in error for some reason . i grabbed my cell phone . which concurred with the trucks clock. trying to figure out what could possibly be to reason for both being incorrect. i thought perhaps a time change , but that wouldn't occur for months . and even then it would have been turned back . not forward . so , as i went through a small town on the way back. i looked at the bank clock . it also concurred with the other two . it had taken 5 1/2 hrs to make the 3-3 1/2 hr trip . no explanation as to why ! the trip was straight there and straight back . it was completely uneventful. except for the loss of 2hrs . 2hrs !!!! that's a lot !!!! this is my daily routine, 5 days a week from 10 -12 hrs a day ! i've given much thought to the event over the years and still cannot get my mind wrapped around it . i cannot reason any circumstance that would have created such a loss ! now as to the second half as i consider it . the object . four months later on dec 21 . around midnight. i was working also . i was delivering about 15 mi or so from the mill . back a country road . it had rained lightly earlier that evening , but was finishing at that time down to just a light mist . not even as heavy as light sprinkles. i started up a small hill . there at the top of the hill and off to the right . maybe 75-100 ft out into , what was a cornfield . was a very large ,bright , solid red light . approximately 4-5ft in diameter. i thought it odd . because i had never seen it there before . so i slowed down as i went passed. so as to get a better look at it . my first impression was that it must be a beacon for a new cell tower that might be under construction. but , as i passed i could not see any frame nor structure beneath it . i continued on to make my delivery. which counting travel time and unloading time took approximately 30mins . i thought that on my way back i could get a better perspective as it would then be on the drivers side of the truck . as i rounded the curve from the return . i saw that it was still there , in the same spot . so , i slowed down and this time came to a complete stop . rolled down the window and looked at the sphere. the reason i would call it a sphere is that it's light was non-directional. as looked at it for a few mins , there was no structural beneath it . nothing that it was affixed to . to hold it in place . it never moved . not an inch. completely motionless. i thought if i only had a camera! then it occurred to me that i had my iphone 5 . so i picked it up , and set it to video . i shut the truck off . then held my phone up to video it . then i set my phone on the door , where the window comes up out of . to steady it , in order to show it was motionless. then shortly after , it started to move . slowly , across the field . i watched it until it dropped behind a grove of trees in the distance about a half mile away . later when i got back to the mill . i showed the video i had taken of the object to my supervisor and another driver . thing was , that the video showed three white lights with a bluish hue in their center , they were rapidly strobing , in unison, in various arrangements/ patterns.They were in triangular formation and shard shaped ! nothing red or spherical about it ! i was flabbergasted! this was nothing at all like what i saw with my eyes . not at all ! as i watched the video with my co-worker /driver in a completely darkened room . he said @did you see that ? ' i said , what ? he said that light shoot straight up from behind the tree line ! i said no ! he said play it over again. so , i did ! sure enough ! at almost the end of where i stopped recording . there was a point of white light , that shot straight up to the sky from behind the tree line ! i had viewed the video twice before and had not seen it ! it happened so quickly that if you were to blink your eye you would have missed it . as i did twice ! i kept the video for a few months and decided to delete it . because it didn't show anything of what i had seen and was probably a meanings video . i did store it in the cloud . but really have no idea as to how to retrieve a deleted video from it . i'm in my mid 50's. i've always tried to deal with people in an honest and truthful manner. i'd like to think of myself as an honest , honorable man of some integrity. i believe those that know me would attest to the same . these are truthful , actual events that happened. i have absolutely no reasonable explanation for either the loss of time nor the red sphere ! nor as to why my iphone recorded what it did ! i'm not even sure that the two events are even related . i have just had a gut feeling that they were , ever since they happened! well , that's about it ! there are a few more details to it , but this should be enough details for you to get the gist of it all . if you have any insights into these occurrences. i would greatly appreciate hearing them . most especially the loss of 2hrs . i simply cannot get my mind wrapped around it to this day ! thank you

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