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Marietta, OH

Sighted on Tuesday 19. May 2009
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Shape: Formation | Duration: 2 minutes

Procession of moving stars in an otherwise clear *still* night sky.Was outside looking up into the night sky and saw the Little Dipper and a few other stars. It was a very clear night and I was just admiring ... I came back into my apartment and told my wife what a pretty night it was. I walked out onto our balcony to sit and relax and again I looked up toward the Little Dipper and was shocked! There were MANY other "stars" and these were "moving" from west to east and a pretty good speed. I fixed my eyes on a Star that remained stationary and yes, there were many other *stars moving* I immediately yelled for my wife to come out and to bring the video camera. She hurried out and looked up (OMG!) She tried to turn on the camera but the damn batteries were dead. So we just watched. I counted 14 *stars* but I don't know how many had passed before I noticed them. It was a long staggerd procession of "stars moving* at a pretty good pace. There were *NO* blinking lights and *NO* sound heard as they passed or after they had passed. I picked "Formation" because they weren't flying all over the place. They were *going* somewhere. Once they passed, the sky appeared as it did before except it seemed quite empty now. I was left with a very uneasy feeling because to me, it seemed like an invasion but, that's just the impression I got from this experience. I didn't like it. I've asked my wife several times since, if that really happened and she is quite sure we did. I guess in a society where we're taught not to believe in such things makes me feel even more un-easy now. My wife and I saw these *stars moving* across the sky just as sure as we see what we see everywhere else with our eyes. I don't know what more I could tell you but that I am much more *alert* to the sky when I go outside both night and during the day. Regards

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