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Logan, Ohio (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 20. February 2016
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Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:01:00

I was hiking in the Hocking Hills in Southern Ohio on an unusually warm day on 2/20/2016. My exact coordinates were (39º24'21.3"N 82º31'50.4"W) The sky was completely clear and the temperature was around 60 degrees.While hiking I decided to take photos of a fire tower up on one of the the trails at the highest elevation in the park. The fire tower is 998' tall. The sun was lower and to the west, and was blinding my vision and I believe that at the time I was facing south. I figured my camera phone would be able to take pictures of the fire tower, so I blindly aimed it at the tower and snapped a series of 8 photos. The photos were taken between 3:16 PM and 3:17 PM in rapid succession. At no point in taking the photos did I see any objects in the sky.After examining the photos at home, I noticed that I captured some sort of object, first appearing faintly and then coming what seemed to be closer and into better vision and focus. I can only make guesses as to the motion and speed of the object, but each photo was taken in a one minute span so it appears that the object was moving rapidly. After looking through the photos in succession, it does appear that the object was descending from the sky at first, and then in the last few photos, it remained in the same spot.The object is hard to make out at first, but then comes into much better view and focus in the last pictures. The object appears to be reflecting the sunlight, and the shape of the object seemed to be either round or what looks like very faintly a triangle.At no point during the encounter did I remember hearing any noise from the craft. I spoke to no one else about it either on the trail because at the time I didn't even realize that I had witnessed it.The uploaded photos are labeled with time stamps which is interesting because it can be compared with the location of the object. Possibly someone better at figuring movement based on time would be able to approximate speed.


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