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Shylet (Bangladesh)

Sighted on Thursday 12. February 2009
Reported on
Shape: Oval | Duration: 20min

i was on holiday in bangladesh. i was staying at a hotel in bangladesh in the town of shylet. it was very hot that night as there was a powercut in the hotel, myself and my cousin decided to go on the roof to have a cigerette. whilst i was somking i suddently noticed in the distance a oval shaped craft just hovering with a faint (hazy) light emitting around it, we watched the craft slowly rise up then down and side to side very smoothly and not like a conventional helicopter. as it was in bangladesh i new it could not have been anything but an ufo. there was no sound or any sort of thrust but the craft seemed to be able move gracefully. after about 20mins it slowly started rising and vanished. the night was hot and no clouds in the sky. thank you i needed to get that off my chest.

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