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Lafayette, CO

Sighted on Saturday 03. January 2009
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: 7-10 Seconds

I completed a report on your site over a year ago and it was very brief and not as descriptive as I should have been in my initial report. But since the time of my sighting, I have left out so many other significant factors to that night/morning that I just felt compelled to write to you again and explain the whole event, as there is so much more to mention.I have talked about my experience with several people over the past several months and have been made fun of countless times by friends and co-workers, but I still feel the need to explain the whole story to get it off my chest.On 1/2/09, I received a call from a friend’s son, who begged me to come up to Lafayette CO, to watch some meteor showers after I got off of work. It was on a Friday and I was very tired and did not want to drive up there and hang out that particular night. But the boy who was 13 or 14 at the time kept insisting that I come up and stay the night. In fact, her 2 other children got on the phone and begged to see me as well and after I spoke with them, I felt compelled to drive up there. So I packed a bag and headed north from my house in Denver.I arrived at about 8:00pm-8: 30pm and it was cold and I was dragging butt after a long week. The kids immediately asked me to run to 7-11 to buy firewood for the outdoor fireplace as it was going to be even colder later that night and into the early morning hours. So I bought 3 or 4 bundles of wood for our night. Upon our return from 7-11, we hung out for a while and planned our night and agreed that we (my friend and I) would get up around 3:00am-3: 30am to start making hot cocoa and coffee for the 4:00 am showers. But at around 11:00pm-11: 30pm, the kids were very hyper and were not ready for bed by any means. They asked me if we could burn one of the bundles of wood and sky watch for a while before heading to bed. I hesitantly said yes but knew that I was fading fast and didn’t have much energy from a long week at work. At any rate, I didn’t want to disappoint them, so we headed outside.Once we got the fire going and brought out blankets and snacks, my friend’s daughter (7 yr. old) climbed on lap to stay warm. The 2 boys, I believe were 13 and 11 were running around singing loud and throwing things in the yard. I was getting annoyed because I didn’t have the energy they had and I really wanted to just chill out and relax in quite and peace. The little girl fell asleep in my lap almost immediately as she was bundled up well and was pretty warm. About 10-15 minutes after she fell asleep, I saw a gray animal or "something" running in a very weird manner along the side of the fence. Whatever it was, it used a hand as well as its legs to run and hop at the same time. At first glance I thought it was a wild animal and as soon as I had that thought, I literally threw the girl off of me and yelled, "What ((deleted)) was that?" This thing moved very fast along the fence and was gone in no time at all. My friend had her back to the "thing" and the boys were running wild and didn’t see anything. I was so freaked out; I didn’t want to stay out there anymore. I told them what I saw and they kept asking questions and so on. Finally, I said that I was going to go inside and sleep for a while because I was getting up at 3:00am-3: 30am to make the snacks and then to watch the showers. Plus, we needed to save some of the wood I bought. So the boys said that they were staying downstairs to watch movies with the intention of staying awake all night. My friend, her daughter and I went upstairs to her bedroom and we all were going to sleep together in the same bed. After we jumped into bed, I was on one end, my friend in the middle, and her daughter was at the other end snuggled up with her mom. I fell asleep immediately.After sleeping for a while, I woke up freezing like I have never felt before. (I have lived in Colorado my whole life and never wore coats in the winter and would only wear jackets because I am always hot). So I pulled the blankets up to cover myself up more. As soon as I did this, I was immediately burning up. I threw the blankets off of me, and I was freezing again. By this time, I woke up because my face touched my arm, which was like an ice-cube. My eyes opened and I rolled over to see a purple light hovering below the ceiling. I tried to focus my eyes to understand what I was seeing, but I could never really make out what it was. It just changed shapes and was hovering about 3 or 4 inches from the ceiling, closer to my side of the bed. I watched the thing for about 10-15 minutes before I decided to get dressed and start making the coffee and snacks.1/3/09 At about 3:40am, I woke up my friend and told her what happened in the bedroom and she decided to get up too. I also told her that the boys were downstairs sleeping in the livingroom with the TV still on. I told her to look for her video camera with the infrared feature so that we can have it for the showers. Then it occurred to me that she may want a smoke before the kids got up (they didn’t know she smoked) so we decided to smoke first before getting any cameras together. Besides, I’m not good with any kind of camera with the exception of a cell phone camera so this was going to be all on her to set that part up.This is the part that I originally reported to this site, but I left out some stuff so I need to re-tell the story.A couple of minutes before 4:00am, we went outside to smoke. We were out there for a short while when I saw what looked like a flock of geese flying towards us. I pointed in the direction of where I was looking and yelled, "Look!" As soon as I said that, I then realized that this was not a flock of geese at all. It was a triangular shaped object that was gray on the outside of the perimeter and on the bottom, but shiny black finish on the rest of it. As soon as I told her to look, the thing changed direction a little and aimed its path towards us. It was directly over us about 300-500 ft in the air and made no sound and was moving very slow. I initially said that it was going 30-40mph, but it was going slower than that. My friend stood there with her mouth open and totally freaked out and I started checking in with her because I thought she was going to start screaming or something. By this time, we could see directly underneath this thing and again, it was gray, with a light at each point of the triangle, with a round "portal" in the center and some weird designs on the bottom. It didn’t make a sound at all. It started moving in between her house and her neighbor’s house and I started to chase it. When I started running after it, I knocked over the chairs on the patio and bumped the table really loud, when all of the sudden, it disappeared right in front of us. The lights weren’t on, but something inside was illuminating the lights from within to let us know they were lights. And it looked as though it was using our street lamps and porch lights to guide itself. I know I said that we watched this thing for 7 seconds in the first report, but there was no way it could have been that short because of the detail we were able to extract from it. That was one of the things that always bothered me about it my first report. It was more like 20-30 seconds.After it disappeared, we went in and woke up the boys first. My friend said, "That was the most amazing UFO I have ever seen." We started telling the kids to get up in case it came back, and because it was time for the showers. So after we got settled in our spots, the showers came down immediately. During the showers, we saw more UFO activity with lights flying low all over the place and doing crazy maneuvers and indescribable movements. We would keep talking about it for the next 2 hours.So at about 6:00am-6: 30am, the wood was almost gone, the winds were picking up and some light snow started to fall. I told everyone that I was going back to bed because I really didn’t sleep much and I was freezing again. So I went upstairs to lay down in my friend’s bed again alone. The purple light was gone this time. At about 7:00am, my friend came in to crash too for a while. However, at 8:30am, I got up to go to the bathroom. In the bathroom, there are lots of windows to look at onto the front yard. When I glanced out of one of the windows, I saw a light layer of snow (about an inch high) covering the ground, with a perfect circle partly on the grass, sidewalk, and street in her front yard. There were no tire tracks, footprints of any kind or anything else near the circle or any other place out front. It was totally untouched by humans or animals. I woke my friend up again and to show her what was out front. She looked out the window and asked me, "What the hell happened last night?"I know this was a long story, but I had to go back and correct some things. I just couldn’t keep all of this information out of this crazy experience. I swear that I am not making this up and have witnesses to substantiate this weird night/morning. My friend has agreed to talk to anyone about her piece of the story too. However, we do have to keep the kids out of it for obvious reasons. However, my friend’s children and I have experienced other UFO’s that same year, at that same house. And there is more to tell, believe me! But that was the most amazing UFO at that house because it was so huge. But we do have more stories about some other cool sighting too of a smaller triangle flying 20ft above our heads 3x’s in the same night. But that’s another story for another time. Besides, I don’t remember the date of that one.

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