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Colmar, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Monday 08. October 2012
Reported on
Shape: Unknown | Duration: Undisclosed

NOTE: when I mention "lights", I did not see the lights directly as it was a very cloudy evening. What I actually saw were illuminated patches of cloud which obviously had lights moving directly behind them.At approximately 11:00 pm on October 8, 2012 my girlfriend and I pulled into the driveway at her mothers house so she could get some of her books for school the next day. Our daughter was asleep on the back seat so I stayed outside while she went in. I got out of the car on the drivers side (I had been driving) and leaned with my back against the drivers door (facing south west) and lit a cigarette. After lighting it, I lifted my head and immediately noticed several lights at approximately 30-35 degrees of elevation. There were three stationary lights which formed the corners of a triangle. These lights alternated colors simultaneously., the left sides of all three of the illuminated patches of clouds would be red and the right sides were blue and they would all change from red to blue at the same times. Moving around these stationary lights were 12-15 individual lights which stayed near the stationary lights, never moving very far from them. I'm assuming the whole bunch of lights were in an area no more than a half mile wide. These other lights would move at varying speeds and directions. They almost looked like they were playing with each other. (I know how silly that sounds). These lights had a very smooth motion to them like a spotlight however, their direction changes were sporadic and they would also vary their speeds. One might zoom across at a high rate of speed, slow down, change direction, move slowly for a second, come to a stop for a few seconds, change direction, speed around, change direction without slowing down, stop suddenly, etc. All 12-15 lights were doing this and also changing colors, orange, then blue, white, yellow, with no set pattern and no set duration period of each color. Some would blink, some would flicker. It was really quite a show. There are a few reasons I don't believe they were spotlights.1) 11 pm is not a usual time for spotlights to be out and running in suburban/rural Philadelphia.2) 12-15 lights moving around would be way too many spotlights to be out for no reason at all3) Spotlights don't change colors multiple times, at varying times and for various durations nor do they flicker and blink at various speeds4) There was no beam leading up to the clouds (although this doesn't immediately disqualify spotlights)5) From the light and shadow patterns on the clouds, it was obvious they were illuminated from behind, not from the front. (You'd have to see them to know what I mean)Back to the story: After watching this show for about 2 minutes, my girlfriend came out to check her moms van for her books. I told her to come over here and look at this. She said "no" in an obviously annoyed tone and I told her again she needed to get over here RIGHT NOW and look at this. Again she said "No, I can't find my book and I need it for tomorrow" and then she went back into the house. This really annoyed me because while I know I was seeing what I was seeing, I still wanted another witness. After she went into the house, I watched the lights for another 2-3 minutes when all of a sudden they all went out simultaneously like someone just hit the off button. I stood there knowing full well I had just witnessed multiple UFO's, but I was still trying to comprehend and get my mind wrapped around the idea. Then, about one minute after they had gone out, the lights reappeared except this time, the 3 stationary lights in the center were red and did not change colors. The lights continued their dancing like nothing had happened for 1-2 minutes, then came the grand finale. All the lights stopped blinking and flashing and turned into steady white lights while at the same time began moving into a circle around the 3 red lights. The circle was slightly oblong which I'm assuming is because of the angle I was viewing them at. After all the lights were in their proper places and evenly spaced, they began to rotate clockwise. Slowly at first but gradually picking up speed. After about a quarter turn, they all started flickering very fast but at different durations from one another and moving closer to the three red lights. As they moved closer to the center, they rotated faster and faster until they were so close, there was almost no space between them and then all the lights went out. I started laughing because what I'd just seen was so amazing and unbelievable. I stood there waiting and hoping they would come back like they did the first time but I knew after the way they had disappeared, they were long gone. A few minutes later, my girlfriend came out and we got in the car. She saw the smile on my face and asked what was so funny. I said "You know how I don't believe in UFO's? Well, now I KNOW they're real!" and I told her the whole story and how I wished she had listened to me when I wanted her to come look at them. We got home about 3 minutes later (We live a mile from her mothers house) and when we got in I googled "Reporting a UFO" I came across the National UFO Reporting Center and gave them a call. I spoke to Peter directly and he said he had to give me a call back because he was on the other line with a trucker who had just seen a 10ft tall creature that looked directly into the trucks window at him. I said that was fine and we hung up. About 10-15 minutes later, Peter called me back and I told him I felt silly calling but that I needed to tell someone and he seemed like the right guy. So, I recounted what had happened and he asked if there were any other witnesses, I told him "No, unfortunately". Then he asked if I had any pictures or video. "No" again. He said I sounded like I was telling the truth and that he honestly did believe me but because there were no pictures, video or other witnesses, he couldn't help me. I returned to google and that's when I found MUFON.I understand it has been a while since the sighting but I couldn't get it out of my head and then I came across another report recounting exactly what I had seen only about 10 minutes earlier and about 15mi south of me. That's when I knew I finally had to sit down and write a report. If anyone reading this ever sees anything, please take the time to make a report in here to help other people who might have seen what you saw.

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