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Groveland, California (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 12. September 2012
Reported on
Shape: Cylinder, Other | Duration: Undisclosed

heading down Bonds Flat road heading to Sonora CA for a typical day of Work for my Cleaning service.While approaching the entrance to flemming meadows recreation entrance at bonds flat road, la grange CA lake side. I saw something large reflecting sunlight from the rear of it,It was so blinding to me I could not take my eyes off of it. It was so brightly reflecting the Sun it made me pull my truck off the road to the curb.The reflections giving off the light were like two large window panels reflecting the sun that was just coming up 40 degrees above horizon to the east over lake Don Pedro.I had no idea what the heck I was looking at it had no details of our current modern aircraft more like a flying submarine shaped like a bottle than any winged plane or propellar cropped helicopter. (IT WAS NONE OF THOSE)It was Hovering panning left to right moving up then down slightly panning left to right so slowly it was bizzar to see its movement unlike any aircraft I have ever seen made me feel excited because I knew I was finally witnessing my first UFO and I was actually screeming with joy at this freaky wierd object and trying to get my cell phone to turn on to snap shots with my iphone but the phone was acting up and would not function at all not even the phone would work with my sync capabilities. I could not even get my Ford flex system to turn on the bluetooth audio devise to make an emergency call..so I just anxiously continued to watch it without taking my eyes off of it I,Becoming really very emotional, I even started to cry a little and ask it to not go away..please come back..but it did not listen to me ofcourse and kept its flight pattern Hovering again straight over the field towards the hilltops South West.As it panned more to the left I was able to make out what was described as a dark coal-colored,Wine bottle shaped cylindrical object moving slowly before disappearing to the south west like a blink of an eye it just dissapeared . It blinked out so fast no trails no chem trail no sound no sonic boom just vanished in then air .So amazing !Like a razor cutting into another demention beyond human sight.I knew for sure I was going to be another major witness to an amazing sighting and I will be changed for ever because of this event..I have been continously trying to convince my community,my family and friends that we are in Great urgency to band together as WE the People to get the truth about UFO technologies and the disclosure of the truth to be revealed whatever it takes I am willing to support Mufon, The Disclosure Project.And any and all other independant Disclosure groups that need the truth to be heard...

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