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Jerome, Pennsylvania (United States)

Sighted on Wednesday 15. August 2012
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Shape: Star-like | Duration: 00:05:00

It is a very clear night tonight, so I decided to lay out in the driveway and gaze at the stars. My dog, Ginger, had gone to do her business in the field across the street and then lay down beside me. I absently scratched her belly and the scruff of her neck alternately (which she controlled by changing positions beneath my hands).Over the next several minutes, I had seen numerous clearly ordinary, man-made satellites traversing the sky in the various directions they often tend to go - mostly from southwest to northeast or so - and in the back of my mind had been actually contemplating the notion of UFOs. However, I didn't see anything that looked even remotely UFO-like, at least not at first. I am familiar with the appearance of man-made satellites as they orbit the Earth, and could see at least 7 or 8 of them by the time the first "anomaly" appeared.After about perhaps 10 minutes of gazing, I noticed what appeared to be two satellites travelling very near each other (visually, at least, if not in altitude). They were travelling the exact same path, direction and - at first - the same apparent speed. I don't see many "companions" like that, so they drew my attention rather quickly. I watched them for awhile and as I watched, I began to notice the distance between them fluctuating rather steadily - they would get closer together and then farther apart. At first, I figured it was just a pair of satellites and that perhaps the distance fluctuation was some sort of optical illusion or trick of the mind. But as I watched, it began to seem obvious that I wasn't imagining it. While I'm no expert, I'm not exactly a "novice" to satellite gazine, either, and I'm not familiar with any configuration of orbital paths that would cause two man-made satellited to appear to move in such a way in the same path through the sky. After they moved perhaps 1/4 of the way across the visible portion of the sky, the third object flared into visibility.As I watched the first two objects, I noticed another object flare into visibility rather brightly in the northeastern region of the sky (above my head, as I lay with my head pointing just slightly north of due east), travelling as if moving towards the other two (if they were going to meet, they would have done so approximately directly overhead and slightly towards the north - not quite 90 degrees, but almost). It was an amber light, a color I associate more with some kinds of shooting stars. I figured at first that's what it was, but then noted it was moving much too slowly - it moved at about the same speed as the ISS through the sky, but it kept flaring bright amber, then growing dull. It continued cycling through bright (like a shooting star just entering the atmosphere)/dull (hard to see)/ordinary (about the same luminosity as a regular satellite) then back to bright again, in that order.At that point, I became aware of the sensation that I could feel the magnetic field of the Earth, as if some sort of swirling dynamo were rotating far beneath me underground and that somehow, I could "feel" this effect. It wasn't as if I could suddenly feel it, but that I had already been feeling it for a little while, but was only just then becoming aware of it. In the distance, it felt as if I could "see" other swirling dynamoes of energy extending far into the sky from points on the surface that would have to have been dozens, maybe even hundreds of miles away. For a moment, the sky no longer looked blue/black, but red/black. For a moment, it seemed as though I were looking into the red, dusty clouds of the Milky Way without the hindrance of the terrestrial atmosphere. An intense sadness came over me, and I desperately wanted to be "out there" - a feeling I've often had over the years, especially when stargazing.This feeling came and want, becoming stronger and then weaker - which seemed to coincide with the flaring/dulling of the third object. It steadily grew dimmer and dimmer with each flare until eventually, I could no longer see it.When I returned my gaze to where I knew the companion satellites should have been by that time (they would have crossed paths with the third object by then), they were nowhere to be seen. As I enjoy watching satellites on a regular basis, I'm quite used to being able to take my gaze away from even a relatively faint one, and then finding it again when I look back for it. It's possible that I simply lost track of these two, but given the unusual nature of the rest of the experience and their behavior, I think it's entirely possible that they were part of the "unusual" nature of this experience as well. While I got no particular "sense" of this, the appearance of the whole situation left me with the impression that the two companions had somehow joined with the third object, like it had appeared specifically to "pick them up".The entire time, they were all so high up, appearing star-like as far as any detail I could seem

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