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Pelican, New South Wales (Australia)

Sighted on Thursday 16. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Triangle | Duration: Undisclosed

i first noticed three lights in the sky whilst driving home i realised that they couldnt be stars as they were too low in the sky i parked at the lake and me and my partner got out of the car and walked to the jetty to get a closer look while there we noticed the exterior lights changed from a glowing red/orange to a blue/white light they didnt flicker but changed color as if they were xmas tree lights(slowly)we could clearly make out the triangle shape as every now and then the object became irredescent and reflective maybe because it moved so slow that we couldnt detect from that distance while we were standing there we also noticed a flashing light stationary on one of the lakes islands it was flashing like a strobe light in slow motion we stood there for about half an hour in that time it had moved slowly about 5cm from where we first spotted it as we walked back to the car i was walking backwards and about 20cm left of the object a blue light dropped from the sky behind the islands tree line and disappeared below the treeline(it dropped as fast as the jeruselm ufo video ive seen)it gave off a very low hum more like a low bass sound i drove us home we only live 3 streets away from the lake so we could still see it we got home and opened up the window at the back of the house and watched it for another hour or so we tried to take photos and tried to record it but for some reason when we pointed the phones in that direction and took a photo the picture would have dots all over the sky yet when we took a photo of the stars out of the view of the object you could see the stars all the photos taken of where the object was in the sky all turned out with what looks like red static i had really mixed feelings about it part of me was thinking is it real am i really seeing this and on the otherhand i was thinking wow this is a once in a lifetime thing im really lucky alot of people will never have this experience that i've had i will admit i have seen strange things in the sky and not just at night but have always just thought maybe its the airforce testing new aircraft what i saw tonight i cant say that its nothing ive ever seen before everything ive seen up until tonight all resembled some kind of aircraft some were stranger than others but as i said i have never seen anything like this except for online or the ufo hunters show

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