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Kurri Kurri, New South Wales (Australia)

Sighted on Tuesday 12. May 2020
Reported on
Shape: Sphere | Duration: 00:30:00

This sphere was sighted going from east to west at 6:30 pm , the sphere was pulsating as it was crossing the sky then it changed direction to the south and parked itself in the night sky . after being parked for a few minutes the orb/ sphere pulsated very clearly then with each pulsate it became dimmer until the light went out however the object was still in the sky. this is the second time the object has been sighted the first time was at 3:00 am on the way to work. this time when i sighted it i ran inside to get my phone so i could try to get footage and photos.


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Location Sighted on Shape Duration
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Cessnock, New South Wales (Australia) 2020-05-04 Sphere 04:03:04
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Erina, New South Wales (Australia) 2018-12-27 Circle 00:00:04
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Gosford, New South Wales (Australia) 2018-01-17 N, A 00:00:06
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East Maitland Lane, New Castle, PA, United States 2017-02-04 Oval 10 seconds
Wyong, New South Wales (Australia) 2016-06-27 Other 00:00:10
Adamstown, New South Wales (Australia) 2016-05-26 Sphere Undisclosed
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Ellalong, New South Wales (Australia) 2015-09-01 Triangle 25 min
Newcastle (Australia) 2015-04-26 Changing 1
Long Jetty, New South Wales (Australia) 2015-04-08 Triangle Undisclosed
Broadmeadow, New South Wales (Australia) 2014-11-04 Disc 00:01:30
Muswellbrook (Australia) 2014-07-28 Other 1 minute
Muswellbrook (Australia) 2014-07-28 Other 1 minute
Hamilton, New South Wales (Australia) 2014-07-17 Star-like
Cardiff (Australia) 2014-06-26 Flash 1 second
Cardiff (Australia) 2014-06-26 Flash 1 second
Gosford, New South Wales (Australia) 2014-06-13 Oval Undisclosed
Marks Point, New South Wales (Australia) 2014-03-24 Circular/Edged/Multilevel 0.25 seconds
Mount Kuring-gai, New South Wales (Australia) 2014-01-26 Boomerang Undisclosed
Newcastle (Australia) 2013-12-04 Light 10 minutes
Wamberal, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-11-30 Sphere Undisclosed
Wyong (Australia), 2013-09-28 Light 90 seconds
Hamlyn, New South Gales (Australia) 2013-07-25 Rectangular 4-5 seconds
Paxton, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-07-16 3 strange multi coloured lights 1 hour and half
Newcastle (NSW)(Australia) 2013-05-06 Unknown overnight
Newcastle (Australia), 2013-04-12 Formation 10 minutes
Niagara Park, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-04-06 Fireball, Sphere 00:04:00
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Nelson Bay, New South Wales (Australia) 2013-01-07 Star-like 00:01:10
Niagara Park (Australia) 2012-10-31 Disk 0 seconds
Pelican, New South Wales (Australia) 2012-08-16 Triangle Undisclosed
Pelican, New South Wales (Australia) 2012-07-17 Triangle Undisclosed
Cessnock, New South Wales (Australia) 2010-09-10 Blimp, Disc, Flash, Other Undisclosed
Gosford (Australia) 2009-01-19 Light 60SEC
Longjetty (Australia) 2008-03-12 Disk a few seconds
Killingworth, New South Wales (Australia) 2007-12-24 Triangle 00:00:15
Kulnura (Australia) 2007-11-13 Light 10 minutes
Ettalong Beach NSW (Australia) 2006-11-23 Cigar 30 seconds
Central Coast (Australia) 2006-05-21 Light few seconds
Berkeley Vale (Australia) 2006-02-26 Light about 10 seconds
Newcastle (Australia) 2005-07-23 Disk 30 seconds
Denman (Australia) 2004-11-01 Egg 10 minutes
Gosford (Australia) 2004-01-04 Light 45min
Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia) 2003-08-15 Oval 15 mins
Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia) 2003-04-15 Egg 1 minute
Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia) 2000-12-31 Flash 4 minutes
Central Coast (NSW, Australia) 2000-08-12 Other 30 mins
Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia) 2000-01-15 Circle 15 min
Maitland (NSW, Australia) 1999-07-17 Light 1.5 mins
Cessnock (Australia) 1999-04-17 Oval 1hr30
Mannering Park (NSW, Australia) 1998-09-10 Disk weird
Lake Macquarie (NSW, Australia) 1996-10-10 Light 5 MIN
The Entrance, New South Wales (Australia) 1995-04-10 Triangle
Newcastle (Australia) 1991-08-24 Unknown 1 minute
Newcastle (Australia) 1987-12-06 Circle 5 min
Charmhaven, New South Wales (Australia) 1972-03-31 Disc Undisclosed
Woy Woy (Australia) 1967-01-07 Disk 5 minutes