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Hinckley, Minnesota (United States)

Sighted on Saturday 25. August 2012
Reported on
Shape: Circle, Fireball | Duration: 00:03:00

I observed a orangish/yellowish type object which appeared to me as a large round spherical ball of fire changing colors from top to bottom slightly as it hovered above an area north of the Grand Casino Hinkley in Minnesota.I observed the time and date on my watch and remembered the time and date for reporting purposes. I continued to watch the object as it moved from east in a westerly direction just below the cloud bank. I alerted my father who was present and asked him to keep watch on the object while I attempted to get other witnesses. I noted that the object made no sound and did not have the markings typical to common aircraft. I observed that there appeared to be some type of airport beacon flashing light from the ground to the sky and underneath the object. I believed the flashing light to be coming from a ground beacon from a small airport north of the casino area but I am not familiar with the area nor do I know that an airport is actually at that location. I continued to watch the object as it moved like it was hovering still making no noise. The object began to decrease in size and then vanished after approximately 3 minutes.The object appeared in the night sky suddenly and out of nowhere and disappeared in the same manner in which it came. I did not obtain video or photographic evidence of the object and really can't explain what the object was. The object did not move like a typical aircraft, made no sound, and disappeared and did not return. I was present at the Hinckley RV campsite on August 25th 2012. I had not consumed any alcoholic beverages and do not engage in mind altering substances. I was simply outside late at night and happened to view the object as it came into view.At first I thought that the object may have been an aircraft but quickly dismissed it because of the way it moved and the fact it made no sound. This is the second sighting of unexplained and unidentified flying craft I have witnessed in my life. I was glad to have my father present to also call into question what we were seeing that night. I don't know what it was but I know what it wasn't. I simply cannot explain what the object was and I guess that is why they are called UFO's The object disintigrated and disappeared. It did not appear balloon shaped, it did not look like a craft of any kind that I have ever seen, it appeared suddenly and out of nowhere and left in the same manner.

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